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Black hole gear

yoyodar's Avatar

02.10.2013 , 10:32 AM | #1
Hey guys I have a full set of columi field tech gear with rakata earpieces and implant and I have the BH belts and bracers and so what should I go for next as optimizing my gear for ss spec and also with the gear mentioned above would I be able to run ec sm?

WaldoA's Avatar

02.10.2013 , 10:38 AM | #2
Whatever gives the best stat improvements.

crazyBE's Avatar

02.10.2013 , 10:13 PM | #3
1) Get BH comms for BH gear while also doing ops that give rakata gear (which just happen to all give BH comms with a weekly )
Once you have full rakata+ start doing EC HM + getting BH comms.
Once you have BH+ do TfB HM + EC NiM.

2) Columi+ needed for an ops that gives rakata. So yes you can do EC SM and TfB SM.