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Maintenance: October 24th, 2017

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Maintenance: October 24th, 2017
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.26.2017 , 06:10 PM | #341
If the people who run this game are Gaston, then Eric Musco is like their Lefou. And I mean Emma-Watson-remake Lefou, the one who manages redemption in the end. But at first, he's just the bullied and ridiculous little man who nevertheless idolizes his bully and is willing to shovel any excrement it takes to be part of the cool-crowd, with only the vaguest evidence of shame or regret when innocent people must be harmed along the way. I mean Musco always has that energy when I've watched him in the livesteams, that bumbling giggling hunched-over hanger-on kind of energy. Reading what he produced for the OP here really confirms in my mind that he'd be Emperor Palpatine's PR guy if it just meant getting close to that intricately-decorated lightsaber. I wonder if writing stuff like what he penned today is what he dreamed of when he got started in the Star Wars Video Game business. Did he dream of putting lipstick on pigs? Did he dream of polishing proverbial poos? I've always had some pity for the poor guy, cause I get it.

I feel like I understand what he's feeling when he contemplates whether or not THIS is the last time he's gonna be this game's Sean Spicer. For instance, I reject everything about this server situation, from the decision, to the way it was communicated ahead of time, to this ludicrously obtuse explanation Musco gave us today ... but I only reject it in ways that are ultimately irrelevant. The same way Musco will keep doing what he does in exchange for a reliable paycheck in a field he actually cares about, I will keep paying EA to abuse me and my friends like this because I'm hooked on the Star Wars IP and care about the relationships I've formed with other players.

My ping is a stable 60-70ms and so the server relocation barely affects me ... but like others have posted, watching this unfold is horrifying. EA literally wrote off every APAC player because an EA beancounter wrote a white paper and maybe backed it up with a slick slide deck showing that the income from APAC player subs and CC purchases is insignificant next to the power of the For ... I mean next to the cost of a west coast server and infrastructure. It's just math, really. It's just business. When players in this thread attack the decision and its communication as heartless, I guess what they're failing to recognize is that EA isn't hurt by those comments ... they're fueled by them. Heart is a lie, there is only Profit.

When I was a kid, I wondered what would happen to a mashup galaxy if Ferengi could use the Dark Side. Well, EA is the answer. And despite that, I'm not cancelling my sub.

Because Star Wars.

Someone has a sig on these forums that succinctly states something like this: EA owns rights to MMOify the most popular IP on the planet ... and this Triple C production is all we have.

In a way, I'm envious of APAC players who can't play the game anymore, for whom the decision to unsub is now the only one.

Star Wars ... I wish I could quit you.
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10.26.2017 , 06:12 PM | #342
Just want to add what I mentioned in another thread. It's not just ping. Ping is an issue, and likely THE major issue for APAC. But I now have lag issues even at a relatively modest ping of 70-80ms. I have a stellar rig, dedicated isp, etc. No issues before. And I'm talking about just opening mail, menus, etc. in addition to play. It's by no means gamebreaking for me, but overall performance is worse.

I believe (empirically) the servers were actually "downgraded", quality-wise, likely for cost saving reasons. I want to be vocal about this additional issue of bad server response times, and poor optimization so that: a) devs looks into it if this was unexpected, or b)if they already know this, so we can get at the truth of what these mergers really are about.

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10.26.2017 , 06:13 PM | #343
Quote: Originally Posted by Trogusaurus View Post
I think even a fair numbers of East Coasters would begrudgingly agree with you. Unfortunately it appears the decision is final, and they aren't making any apologies for it.
Yeah... apologies arenít in their vocabulary... even when they mess up bad there is a reason and never a sorry... it reminds me of people who say... ďI was gonna do that in a minute or Iím just about to do thatĒ... always making an excuse... and can never take responsibility (another word not in their vocabulary)
RIP APAC Players 😢😢😢😢💦
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10.26.2017 , 06:27 PM | #344
You know they're treating us like mushrooms when they keep us in the dark and feed us bull *#.

I'm a west coast player, and I use to enjoy playing with the apac people. But Keith was suppose to come with this new transparency, and consistent connection with the community. We got lip service...

CXP is the worse system ever btw, and I have 60 days left on this sub. Not happy right now, especially with the "maintance mode" preplanning to put this on a single farm.

QuinlanSaathis's Avatar

10.26.2017 , 06:39 PM | #345
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

My ping has gone up since the change and it is affecting my gameplay, what options do I have?
Please continue to report it! As Keith mentioned in his forum post this is something we are actively tracking and working with our network partners to address where possible. We will be working through this especially over the next two weeks as we ramp up to United Forces.

We hope this answers some of your questions and lets you know whatís going to happen over the next couple weeks. Please remember, on November 8th we will move all players to their new servers during an extended maintenance (currently looking like 12 hours). We are also discussing starting a few hours earlier than usual (e.g., 2 or 3am CT), but will let you know a few days beforehand.

Thanks everyone.

You want to know how I feel.....
This is how i feel.

For the first time ever in TOR I am feeling ripped off.
It costs me up to $140 for a 14500 coin pack and I always buy the big one because it is better value.

Well between coin buys for all the direct purchase sales this last month and the overall changes to the Cartel Market, I have dropped $420 + my sub renewal at $80. That is $500. I have spent this much before but never have I felt ripped off after doing so.

I spent 4 hours online last night and I was even lagging in cut-scenes. Even thou I am in New Zealand, I have good internet and NZ has a better link to the USA that Australia does so my pings were around 90ms to Harbinger. I never saw my lag raise above 2 bars last night and often it was in the red, I was averaging about 280ms.

I am quite upset by this, I have literally spent thousands on this game and been subbed since Beta, even when I took a break from the game I was still subbed.
Now I don't group, I don't raid, I don't PvP, I play the game for the story which I still enjoy immensely, yes even the new stuff with Valkorian. I am the least burden on the servers and I would assume in the top 10% of financial contributors to the game, yet even with this limited footprint it is uncertain if I will be able to continue.

Please revisit this decision!

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10.26.2017 , 06:40 PM | #346
As your answering question, can you please explain what the benefit,gain or advantage was from the software and hardware upgrades.

Is it better gameplay, better graphics, better more dynamic combat, better more complete worlds and environments (i.e. a day night cycle or living breathing worlds) or open world pvpve planets?

It has been suggested than an investment has been made in these upgrades, however it seems the location of the data center has had the biggest, and in some cases negative impact. Its not easy to see how this investment was a good one.

Its possible its not an upgrade and simply cost cutting and the future is fairly negative. After the best part of the year spend on focusing away from story to group play, server population has declined so far that server mergers happening along with closing the west coast servers. Will the plan be to continue down this route offering story lite in deference to group play, be that uprisings, flashpoints or operations. Or the non existent story in faction free PvP instances that have no effect on the game in the slightest or relevance to the game.

It seems things are looking pretty bad and if the last 8 months is anything to go by very little new content will be coming and what there is wont be great. Just go back and look at the return of Quinn or Elara for how badly the only companion all year has been handled. It is like bad decision after bad decision and for some reason people thought Keith cause he played the game would be amazing for tor.

DieAlteHexe's Avatar

10.26.2017 , 06:50 PM | #347
Well this is a right mess.

It's like watching an old friend die from self-inflicted wounds.

-- It's the journey, not the destination. --

Exly's Avatar

10.26.2017 , 07:06 PM | #348
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,
Why not communicate this ahead of time?
We made the decision to not communicate this information ahead of time because we wanted you to have the ability to immediately login and determine the impact to your gameplay experience. This meant we could quickly start gathering feedback on what you were seeing in-game (more on this in the next question). However, we have seen posts from players who made specific decisions based on location (such as character transfers) and we will be in touch with them to discuss. To ensure there is no confusion about this update in-game, we adjusted the server selection screen to reflect that all NA servers are on the east coast.
Are you intentionally trying to insult us with this answer.

How would letting us know in advance of this happening prevented us from having the ability to immediately login and determine the impact of our gameplay experience?

How would letting us know in advance have prevented you from quickly starting to gather feedback on what we were seeing in-game?

Those reasons seem to be contrived to give yourselves cover to mask the true reason(s) that you chose to keep this information from us.

Well, I am not that stupid, and I don't believe you.

In the future you might want to tell us the truth. You will probably still loose customers in the short term, but in the long run, when you act like this you loose more people, and those that do leave are less likely to return.

Intentionally deceiving people is not the best way to earn their trust, respect or loyalty. Maybe you can remember that the next time you are thinking about misleading us.

Trogusaurus's Avatar

10.26.2017 , 07:10 PM | #349
At the rate things are going, this game (and these developers' jobs, for that matter) doesn't have a future.

dscount's Avatar

10.26.2017 , 07:29 PM | #350
It's like every time Bioware opens it's mouth lately they lose more SUB's.

Dice this PR nightmare any way you want, but they screwed up AGAIN with leaving details OUT on purpose.

To me this is very deceptive to tell people about server merges and then find out they moved your servers to a whole other data center in the same space as servers people left for a reason.

As a remote user (Beyond West Coast timezone) I'm pretty pissed about this and just another nail in the coffin for Bioware. I tried East Coast servers - they give me LAG (I've awesome upload/download ISP and brand new high end system so it's not me).
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