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Sets/weapons that need added

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11.25.2020 , 10:43 AM | #1
Broke it down into various sections i couldnt think of everything but i made a solid list of stuff from canon and legends they can pull from to add to the game. there is quite a bit left out people are free to add to the list whatever i just thought of what would be cool in my opinion. some of the stuff probably never see the light of day in swtor but who knows what bioware is thinking if they think they can make $ they could very well implement some of the things.

Partial sets or 1 item pieces:
Arcann's mask and cybernetic arm
acina's armor mainly her chest armor
xarion's armor (the one thing we have out of this set is the helm which is in frenzied zealot set but the armor itself callous is close but xarions is different from it still)
senya's knight armor (its a little different than the regular zakuulan knights)
hooded version of thana vesh's (which was in the esseles flashpoint by that apprentice or acolyte sith)
Nihilus' Robes (have some that can come close but none that actually are a 100% match)

Full sets:
a armor that looks like skytroopers (if you are wanting a cybernetic trooper that looks like the skytroopers since we havent really gotten a good robot set in a long time we get machine or cybernetic sith sets but none that turn the player into robots anymore)
valkorian's armor (its time seriously how in the world is it been what 5-6 yrs and still no valkorian cartel armor yet)
Death watch/Maul mandalorians armor both are cool looking armor sets
as much as i dont want it i do like kylo's robes but hate his helm lol
krayt armor
talon (since lucas is pushing things around that he wants in star wars and she is probably eventually going to make it in)
if krayt and talon armors are in then you gotta add nihil's armor and lightsaber in the game.
momon's helm
Revan's pants not skirt version of his darth robes
starkiller outfit
some ancient sith pureblood like armor from before the time of the dark jedi arriving on korriban and founding the sith order there is probably some cool looks from that they can draw from.

darksaber (this has to be thing probably now the most wanted sabers since we are finally get cartel market versions of revan's sabers)
nihilus' saber
ahsoka's sabers from rebels
naga sadow's ancient sith sword which is different then the ancient sith warblade and the cathar honor sword
proto sabers
malak's lightsaber
the wookie youngling's saber from clone wars
starkiller's lightsabers