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So how many are going to open an account on Aug 26th?

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So how many are going to open an account on Aug 26th?

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09.05.2019 , 02:42 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by lightSaberAddiCt View Post
With the complete success of WoW classic, the fact that it is overshadowing even WoW retail, I think it has been proved quite successfully that people want a more group friendly, challenging game. I mean it has exploded. The number one issue I chat with retail WoW players and why they left is the same as SWTOR, they made it way to easy and solocentric. Who knows, maybe BW will take note and act on it, but i doubt it. I think right now they are up to like 35 servers all full all the time.

And as trixxie said, there are addons that can make the QoL better then this game, and more are coming. This is a movement folks, something other less popular games (ie: swtor) really needs to take note of.
too early to say it is a success, it needs more time to be sure. a few months should be enough, if it keeps going at the rate it is, there won't be any doubts, but as others stated, there could be those looking at nostalgia and burn out after a few weeks or a few months, all depends on tolerance. so what we see now won't be the same in a few months.