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[Guild - Republic - Heavy RP] 72nd Battalion - "Unwavering Vigil"

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[Guild - Republic - Heavy RP] 72nd Battalion - "Unwavering Vigil"

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06.27.2014 , 09:02 PM | #1
"The Vigil Begins"
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"Think about it Tavus. You know the treaty is just the Empire's way of setting us up for the killing blow. We can't allow it."
― Jedi Master Dar'Nala

Both the Jedi and the Republic suffered horribly during and in the end of the Great War. The peace treaty that came after felt like a chill through the Galaxy's spine. How long would it take for a Darkness of the rise to break its own vows and devour the rest? Would it be long enough for the Rupublic to nurse its wounds? Would it be long enough for the Jedi to mourn the loss of their Temple and lives?

It did not take long.

A few years short of two decades was what was permitted by the Sith Empire's bloodlust. The unseasy noble houses of Alderaan started to fight among themselves, competing for the crown that would decide the planet's favour towards the two factions; Several worlds started to take on separatist ideologies, some fueled by despair and fear, others by political manipulation; Balmorra became a blind-spot of this treaty with neither the Empire nor the Republic taking credit for the acts of war commited there, shrugging them as cases of nationalistic resistance cells; Newly found worlds such as Voss and old, decimated planets like Taris, the competition favour, for morale, for destruction and for protection. When the war reignited, it did so with a fury that was never seen since the great Hyperspace War.

The Galaxy now witnesses the oppressing tendrils of the Empire wrapping themselves around innocent planets, demanding servitude and tribute while republic forces are spread thin and separatist factions begin to arise, stating that the Republic cannot and will not be able to defeat the Empire, to offer the needed protection, to keep its citizens safe.

To this, the Republic answered, creating more battalions, conducting mass recruitments and joining military men and women with jedi in the same squads. The ultimate force to defend any system and to enact justice on those who do not cease to opress. One of these battalions is the 72nd, also known as the Unwavering Vigil by its patriotic members, and they answer with furious justice.

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Hello there, thank you for showing interest and for reading our post!
We are, as it is plainly obvious, a heavy RP guild focused more on a militaristic setting, but not without any other kind, of course, just marking that as our most important pillar.

We welcome players bearing characters of all IC species (as long as they don't forget to mention it on their application form), all planets, any gender and above the age that marks them as adults in their own culture.
In terms of classes, we also welcome all OOCly (as long as they are part of the Republic Faction). In terms of IC, the guild accepts only soldiers and battle-ready jedi for now, but if you can explain how would any other kind of character could fit into a military group, please do so! We value creativity and rich RP above all else!

This is what we can offer as a guild, and what we cannot:

* An active guild "campaign" style of storyline, with choice regarding what missions to take part on which when completed, add to the advancement of the campaign and the evolution of the guild as a whole, as well as its characters.

* Weekly big events, usually on the weekends, that are not closed to any characters, allowing everyone to do their own part and allow personal development, instead of being focused on just a handful of characters. The more you work, the more rewards you will get, essencially.

* We cannot promise to organize PvE groups for Operations or PvP Ranked groups. Our main focus is RP, and allthough we do enjoy doing all the game has to offer, we set RP as a priority. If you come here expecting to get buddies for Operations, please be warned and don't be upset when people say no because their character need to exfoliate their sore feet.

* A friendly environment with people that have been in the game for quite some time, so do not hesitate to ask anything even if it feels like the most stupid thing. We're all here to have fun and to better ourselves!

* We have a strict application only method of joining. If you do not agree with this method and think you could go without it or that you usually don't have the best skills for writting stuff when not IC or even if you just cannot deal with forms, please let us know and we'll work something that works for all of us. Understand that we use this method so we are sure we're getting the people that will actually improve the guild instead of hindering it.

If you are interested, please visit:

Thank you for your time and may the force be with you!