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Old player looking for a Guild

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06.23.2014 , 03:16 PM | #1
So I have been playing SWTOR since release and I loved it at first with some of my friends that I migrated with from other MMO's. Although, lately I find myself logging in then straight back out as I cant be bothered. Cant be bothered with the mindless questing, can't be bothered with the extensive in-game traveling only to look at myself in the reflection of a black loading screen and say "what are you doing with your time".

So I thought that I would look for a new guild, one that is full of life and loves the game as much as I do but has a casual approach, I know with years of gaming and MMO's that it is friends and a community that make the game, thats what strives you to gain levels and gear and that's what gives you the urge to return. I am from Scotland and would only be interested in joining a guild in the same time zone as me, this is because I work a lot and come on at reasonable times but also when a day off comes then I can be doing an all nigher if the enjoyment is there.

But thats the thing, lately its not been doing it for me anymore. Like my hobby it no longer giving me the entertainment it used to always deliver so I am hoping a new community will spark my interests again and reignite my affinity for gaming!

Thanks for taking the time to read.
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06.26.2014 , 04:40 PM | #2
Sent a PM.
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