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Immortal Juggernaut/Defense Guardian Set Bonus Discussion

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Immortal Juggernaut/Defense Guardian Set Bonus Discussion
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09.25.2015 , 01:18 PM | #41
I really miss the old school 2 piece set bonus that provided a 10% self heal on intercede.
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09.27.2015 , 09:02 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by iPvP View Post
I really miss the old school 2 piece set bonus that provided a 10% self heal on intercede.
I tried a couple warzones with the 8% heal, swapped a couple armours out and took the reduced intercede cooldown. Problem was each warzones had 3 healers per team lmao. It would heal me for 3401 each time I would friendly leap, which was every 15 seconds i think. But heh, yeah I wish they would introduce the heals on intercede as well, for the level 65 set bonuses. Good times.

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11.20.2015 , 12:42 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Methoxa View Post
Why would we need even more protection against M/R+K/E damage? Juggs are vulnerable to F/T+KE damage and thats why we need shield or absorb. Furthermore I/E damage was increased within the new operations which made Assasin Tanks really valuable for their increased protection against this damage type especially with the old 186 gear. Not to mention PTs with their gread DCD Explosive fuel which increased their chance to resist I/E damage by 30%. Either more shield/absorb or more shielding by sonic barrier/sonic wall otherwise Juggs will fall behind.

Furthermore defense does not do anything in pvp. Keep in mind that pvp setbonus and pve setbonus are the same. Most dmg in pvp is F/T+KE. Thus we need more shield or absorb. Compared to pts or assas Juggs just have the lowest shield and absorb of those classes because most of our skills only increase defense chance. Looking at the new class talents also reveals that ravage now gives us 6% more defense. Wow even more uselessness. This exactly shows how much designers want the jug to be the defense tank, instead of balancing the classes. But without making F/T+K/E defendable with the new addon the changes are going to make the juggernaut the worst tank.

It was made less useful for most pve bosses
Agreed on the need some kind of boost to shield/absorb and/or an enhanced blade/sonic barrier. Also, for the need for that high defense chance to be usable (in some measure..perhaps as just a slight increase to DR vs. those attacks) on F/T+K/E based attacks.

Quote: Originally Posted by Horano_Heresy View Post
Totally agree with this. The class is not overly difficult to play.

I think with the changes brought about to the class in 3.0, Immortal Juggernauts got a decent boost to AoE threat. Crushing Blow in combination with the Aegis Assault buff and our Sweeping Slash attack both hit up to 8 targets, up from 4. Saber Reflect also helps a lot with generating threat on multiple targets. Yes, Powertechs and Assassins still perform better for AoE threat, but I think that's the beauty in playing the class -- it's challenging, but fun.

I think the only issue I have is when targets are spread out, just the affects of being a purely melee class. I find Threatening Scream + Saber Reflect helps in these sort of situations.
Agreed on this as well. I have never really had a problem with threat generation or maintenance. If anything, I accidentally pull off PT's and Assassins rather easily if I am not paying attention to my threat. We can generate threat pretty easily with our rotation.

The taunt bonus from the 4 piece is okay, but it's not very useful for Guardians/Juggernauts who don't need to taunt fluff for threat. Personal opinion is that taunt fluffing shouldn't be necessary at all in ops/FP's/regular play (save for specific fights or phases as an added challenge). The DR bonus from the 2 piece is good..but I would rather it be placed back on Guardian Strike by default (like it used to be) and have that 2 piece bonus replaced with something else (perhaps the Taunt bonus?).

As for the 4 piece, I agree with some of the other posters here that have asked for bringing back the 20-30% shield boost to blade barrier. I have a slightly long winded reason why.

Here is a link to the current tanking stats for optimally geared tanks:

Guardians/Juggernauts are around 50+ points of damage tanked per second behind the others at a minimum. Let's not even go into our dps (we can generate threat really well, but that doesn't mean we hit hard). Part of the reason for this is our reliance on blade barrier and the fact that it's strength hasn't been keeping up with the damage output in raids. Also, our shield/absorb, as mentioned before, is much lower compared to the other tanks.
Think link here is to the predictions for each tank's possible DTPS with time. Guardians primarily slip behind due to blade barrier being so integral to our rotation and its strength not scaling. Note, this link has not been updated for 4.0, so look at the first link I posted for the 4.0 stats.

Re-changing how the class tanks is not going to happen, and if anything it is not entirely necessary. However, if we are going to have to tank a certain way (Blade barrier+heavy defense), we'll need some boosts in either passive abilities or set bonuses to keep up with the others so that we're still AS raid viable as the other tanks (we are raid viable at present, it's just better to bring the others).
My suggestion is to either bring back the 20% bonus to blade barrier, have some ability provide a buff that will increase the next blade barrier's effectiveness (which will indirectly provide an increased barrier), or provides a direct bonus to our force healing (which also empowers our Focused Defense).

Just my two cents.

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03.12.2016 , 04:22 PM | #44
2p bonus

You've never exactly been generous with stat boosts, so, I guess, for a 2p bonus it's ok. A whole 2% reminds me of that "20% chance to shoot an extra whatever" in D3 that never procced; like, you never see that it procs, you forget that it's there, you don't really care, and if you get the chance to change it to something better, you will.

4p bonus

Now this is quite great, actually, and I don't feel like I should have to mention why.

6p bonus

Blade Turning? Hmm, that's actually quite lovely. Now I can doze off a little more.

Invincible, who cares? The only time I ever use Invincible is when I'm near death, at which point I use it with Saber Ward, and I die anyway, because I took on more than I could handle. Lower the cooldown by more than 3 seconds, and I might actually care to remember that this ability exists.

Quick recap:

The 6p bonus should be the 2p bonus.
The 2p bonus should be the 4p bonus.
The 4p bonus should be the 6p bonus.

Just my opinion.
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02.12.2017 , 04:04 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by Nilatis View Post
2p bonus

You've never exactly been generous with stat boosts, so, I guess, for a 2p bonus it's ok. A whole 2% reminds me of that "20% chance to shoot an extra whatever" in D3 that never procced; like, you never see that it procs, you forget that it's there, you don't really care, and if you get the chance to change it to something better, you will.
^This, pretty much describes my feelings when I saw that bonus the first time... so... meh.

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02.26.2017 , 10:49 AM | #46
could some help me fix this it has been 10hr since it happened im stuck on quest line strong arm use your ship holoterminal. when i do use it nothing happens. my class is sith warrioe

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08.18.2018 , 02:00 PM | #47
This post makes me question whether the game got more complicated or less complicated...
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05.02.2019 , 01:50 AM | #48
whoops wrong thread
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08.27.2019 , 02:22 PM | #49
For me i think we should have the following bonuses, in what order is down to the community

force scream generates a shield that absorbs a moderate amount of damage (this is an older effect that used to be on threatening scream i believe)

have one of our core rotation abilities reset the cool down of single target taunt

interceding to a target heals you for 8% and removes all threat from that target

all of those are useful to some extent in both pvp and pve