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Login rewards ''Claim All'' crate bugged

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Login rewards ''Claim All'' crate bugged
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Jagdulf's Avatar

01.12.2021 , 11:02 AM | #1
Hello, I've got to experience this weird bug last week (I believe it was Thursday 7 Jan) when I had 4 unclaimed items from the 'United Efforts' login calendar and chose to claim them all together by clicking the button ''claim all.'' You get a golden bordered crate in your inventory which is called 'claimed login rewards crate' or something along those lines I can't remember now precisely, since it's gone which I'll explain just now.

Basically I used this ''claim all remaining unclaimed items'' button on my main character and right-clicking the crate didn't open it like it's supposed to, actually nothing worked. It appeared to be totally uninteractible with, so I decided to put it into my Legacy hold to try and open it with one of my alts. The unpleasant surprise was that once I right-clicked it in my alt's inventory it disappeared without any further action or message and I didn't receive any of the rewards which were supposed to be stored in it. I'm 100% sure I didn't have any vendor or cargo window open, so I definitely didn't sell it, move it around or destroy it. Just sucks that I've missed on the minor rampage boost and (I think?) some renown exp token from this crate. Hopefully this will get adressed in the near future since there appear to be several various bugs surrounding the Daily Login Rewards. Cheers!

CommunityTeam's Avatar

01.12.2021 , 11:48 AM | #2 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi Jagdulf,

Thanks for the report concerning the bug you encounter with the crate you received from the Login Rewards.

To help our team investigate this bug, could you directly create a bug report ticket? With a bug report ticket, all the information provided will directly go to our team.
  1. Click on the question mark icon on the main menu, (or press Ctrl + /).
  2. Select the Report Bug option.
  3. Make sure to give all the relevant information concerning your bug.
  4. Click on Submit.
In addition to that, I also have an additional question concerning the bug: when you moved the crate to your Legacy Hold, did you move it through the Legacy Bank?

Avoid for the time being putting that crate into the Legacy bank. Instead, open the crate to obtain the items, and then transfer those items. We have a fix coming with 6.2.1 to address this. I'll update you if there is any change.
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