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The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint in 6.2 (Veteran Mode) - Feedback

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The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint in 6.2 (Veteran Mode) - Feedback
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11.12.2020 , 11:40 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi everyone,

The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint gameplay is now available for testing on PTS! To start this Flashpoint, head on over to Odessen. When on Odessen, use the elevator in the West hallway to the “Alliance Operations” room. Upstairs, you will see a marker on the Map to pick-up this Flashpoint. Below you can find the type of feedback that the team is looking for.
  • Do you find the fights themselves too challenging?
  • Are mechanics clearly indicated?
  • Is the jumping puzzle too hard?
  • Were the mechanics of the sniper trap clear enough--was the encounter too easy or was it annoying?
Let us know your thoughts.

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11.12.2020 , 02:37 PM | #2
Entered Master Mode before reading so I guess I did veteran.

Flashpoint looks good and feels good for veteran mode. Will be much better with cutscenes, story and voicelines.

Just one remark on all the mobs around the flashpoints:

Getting permanently slowed and rooted all the time is not fun when you're killing trash.

If its a boss mechanic, fine, everyone understands and its part of it but these trivial dumbos shouldnt be that annoying. Just like copero and other annoying thrash where there are roots slows and stuns in play this triggered me so hard I almost broke my keyboard.

Jumping puzzle is easy but I'm a platforming expert I one shot Makeb datacron 25 times in a row.

Anyways, looking good, like the theme and surrounding. Can't wait for master mode and the actual story.
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11.12.2020 , 02:55 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthYun View Post
Getting permanently slowed and rooted all the time is not fun when you're killing trash.
I second this, I would also like to complain about a lot of enemies having stealth detection. I understand its a shorter flashpoint but adding a lot of stealth detection NPCs is just not fun for me, one or two per area is fine but the current amount is just annoying.

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunityTeam View Post
[list][*]Do you find the fights themselves too challenging?
I was doing it on story mode, and I had no issues with it until the last boss who seemingly nearly hit kills my companion with his bomb, his flamethrower's damage is also ludicrous. Though I understand the latter seems to be a bug.

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunityTeam View Post
  • Are mechanics clearly indicated?
So far, to me they were, avoid AOEs, interrupt things, cleanse. Pretty straight forward.

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunityTeam View Post
  • Is the jumping puzzle too hard?
I found it annoying, died around 3 times. While I don't mind jumping puzzles on datacrons I find the prospect of doing one to progress a flashpoint less than ideal.

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunityTeam View Post
  • Were the mechanics of the sniper trap clear enough--was the encounter too easy or was it annoying?
I honestly didn't noticed it was a trap until it was too late so I'll have to update my thoughts once I run it again.
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11.12.2020 , 02:56 PM | #4
Just did a quick solo run through on SM to get a feel for it. A few things:
- Almost every mob unstealths you, I guess this is intended?
- First couple bosses didn't seem to have many/any mechanics, not sure if they're still working on it or that's just story mode. 2nd boss just did a basic attack the whole time and sometimes the screen would fill with error messages which continued on every couple minutes for most of the flashpoint.
- Heta Kol is way overtuned for SM. I went in with a level 50 Theron on heal and he would throw a sticky grenade on Theron at the start of the fight and kill him instantly, obviously I'd die soon after. Even if I taunted boss he would still eventually throw a grenade on Theron and he'd die from it. The grenade is cleansable so I guess this mechanic would be ok on a harder mode where you had a 4 man group w healer who could cleanse, but for sm this is ridiculous. Damage should be significantly lowered.
Not sure if there is anything after that as I couldn't get past Heta

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11.12.2020 , 03:01 PM | #5
I played through Story mode (via solo Activity Finder) and the fights were very challenging, even with 306 gear and a level 50 companion. Both the elite enemies and the bosses should be scaled down prior to release.

I got stuck at the second boss, probably because I went to the bridge before clicking the tether. The quest then remained at "Reach the Fortune's Folly Bridge" even when I entered the bridge and killed the boss. Please ensure that players cannot enter the bridge before clicking the tether, or fix the quest so it cannot get stuck.

In general, the flashpoint up to the 2nd boss felt too long. I expect players will go through it for story/achievements and then never do it again. This will be another flashpoint that if it comes up in group finder, the group will instantly disband and requeue hoping for a shorter flashpoint.
Please remove at least half the trash groups, reduce the map size and allow many more trash groups to be skipped. I understand you want to offer a great experience for first-time story players, but flashpoints are repeatable group content and should be completable in under 30 minutes by a PuG.

On a positive note, I like that the medics in this map have normal toughness; this encourages DPS' weak-to-strong target order as is optimal for SWTOR. Flashpoints like Legacy of Rakata on the other hand, where healers are elites, are harmful in teaching the target order to new players.
Most of the standard and weak mobs were not level 75 but anywhere from level 7 to 73; please ensure all enemies are level 75.
The dogs break stealth but have no visible buff that indicates it; please add a buff "Can detect stealth".
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11.12.2020 , 03:13 PM | #6
In story mode, at boss Bask Sunn, kept getting
[sov_bas: Dash Prep: effect 3] [caster=158000167045] [target=158000158533] [prim=caster]
[sov_bas: Dash Prep: effect 4] [caster=4611689377726270171] [target=158000167045] [prim=caster]
[sov_bas: Dash Prep: effect 5] [caster=158000167045] [target=158000158533] [prim=caster]
At boss knock back.

Troya Ajak "Songbirds Volley" did not do anything. Generally damage done by boss low.

Heta Kol, bit too tough to do as RDPS and melee heal, worked as ranged dps and ranged heal. Not sure this will be possible without a cure for the grenade, going to be difficult for the pure DwT and tank class.

Otherwise good battles. More flanking mobs would be good.
Side room side quest/ bonus and mobs flanking when leaving may add something to the FP

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11.12.2020 , 03:37 PM | #7
There are way too many trash mobs.

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunityTeam View Post
[*]Is the jumping puzzle too hard?
It's pretty easy but it will still be annoying in vet/master mode because in every group there's always that one player who just can't manage to do it.
It would probably be best to keep it as it is in story mode but remove it in vet/master.

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11.12.2020 , 04:08 PM | #8
EDIT: We didn't realize Master Mode was not ready yet until after we played it and I wrote this post sorry.

Do you find the fights themselves too challenging?

No, they were too easy we just rolled through in both vet and master. There seemed to be no mechanics or at least the mechanics didn't do anything that could hurt us much except for the fire on the last boss.

Are mechanics clearly indicated?

Lol no.
We couldn't figure out at all what the tether did in master mode or veteran mode. We could see the tether, but we didn't know what to do with it at all. The songbirds we saw a lot of abilities go off for, but also never knew what to do with them. Also saw the orange triangle symbol on my character but didn't figure out what it meant.

Is the jumping puzzle too hard?

No, we liked that only one person had to succeed. It was a nice surprise to have a jumping puzzle with fire.

Were the mechanics of the sniper trap clear enough--was the encounter too easy or was it annoying?

This was a great surprise. My group saw the sniper sniping at us so I charged forward so they would hurt us less and I charged down the center because I saw the traps on the left and right. This led me to fall to my doom. I was looking at the snipers so I didn't even see the floor open up until the second round. Our group was frantically communicating it was great I was yellow I fell down and I'm being attacked by squirmy worms. Eventually my team mates must have run forward and jumped down with me. The second time we ran it I tried to see if I could jump around the open pit to get to the snipers but there was an invisible wall.


This felt really easy and mechanic light. The environment is very cool we liked the design a lot, looking forward to seeing the cutscenes as we ere guessing what they might show and it sounded fun, but the actual fights were... eh. On veteran I don't expect it to be hard, but maybe have 1 fun mechanic. Or master I expect it to have mechanics and be hard. Neither were true for this fp.

PS we went with a group of 4 through the groupfinder and it worked fine.


These weird error messages popped up fairly often.
If you need to see exactly when and where check my stream videos at the one labelled as testing the flashpoint.
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11.12.2020 , 05:49 PM | #9
Do you find the fights themselves too challenging?
Not - at - all.
We've ran both veteran and MM (we didn't knew that MM was still in WIP) but it was way too easy. Just clear mobs and tank-spank.
And.. Way too many mobs to my liking. I'd rather have a -few- challenging ones than an army of npc's to just slash through.

Are mechanics clearly indicated?
Some yes, but most not really. As swtorista said. We saw the tether but had no clue really what to do. Most of the mechanics felt: tank and spank. And interupt when needed. It's.... a bit easy when you look at that and didn't felt challenging. And more confusing (to me) with: ''is this it?''

Is the jumping puzzle too hard?
No, Maybe? Jumping with +200ms lag is always a challenge. However, if you have 1 person in your team who can do the puzzle it's all fine. I've seen harder jumping puzzles in the game. So no. I don't think it's too hard. Just.. unnessicary.

Were the mechanics of the sniper trap clear enough--was the encounter too easy or was it annoying?
At first it was a little confusing. Is there a button that we should click when the 1st player fell? Should you hide and wait for the doors to close and run over the panel when it closed? (it didn't).
I guess I'd go with annoying. It's easy once you know that you need to jump. But for new players who do it the 1st time it can be a bit of a : eh.. whats going on moment.

As for the bugs:
What swtorista posted with that one chat announcement that kept coming up (both announcement and in the chat)

Troya Ajak:
We killed it, however it respawned. (we had to sneak over to the terminal to click. but the npc was back at full health)

Heta Kol: When she jumped up the 1st time she was at at a certain health percentage. However, when she came down she was full health again. Idk if this was intended or a bug when we did the vet mode.

Other thing of notice. It feels that there is a lot of unused area within the flashpoint. Sometimes we just explored it where I thought; oh it would be cool if you could do X there, or that. For example right after the 1st boss with the (escape?) pods. The area is called; The Champions Glory - Boarding Room. . there is this area behind it with just... nothing? Maybe a bonus mission will be added or something else when the fp goes live.

Maybe put down a bonus boss there to fight when you've cut down on the many npc's before in the room?

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11.12.2020 , 09:04 PM | #10
Get rid of the jumping puzzle

If only one player needs to do the jumping in vet/master then it might be alright to leave it in for those modes. I still don't see the need to add a platforming section when it has never been part of the main storyline before.

It is not difficult in terms of knowing what I should do, but for the platforming challenged like I am actually DOING the jumps is the problem. There is nothing the player can do to make the jumps easier. If you cannot do the jumps, you cannot finish the story.

This is NOT a platforming game. Datacron platforming puzzles are fine since they're both optional and legacy wide so you can do them on classes that have abilities make the jumps easier. For the main storyline, however, I want ALL my classes to be able to do it. Solo. I shouldn't have to group up to finish a story-mode flashpoint.
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