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O.M.G. Bioware. Just fix this first. Degree of angle on auto facing.

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O.M.G. Bioware. Just fix this first. Degree of angle on auto facing.

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12.31.2011 , 09:10 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by neandramathal View Post
Well DUH :P

Once the fight begins, sage knocks back, turns to face, starts spamming throw. See what I did there?

The idea of strafing round behind someone with ANY class, melee primarily (so not just assassins, but also Marauders/Sentinels) is to break LoS, that's hard.

It's not a gamebreaking issue, but a frustration. There are far more important things currently.
If the assassin needs to break LOS to get a win against a sage he has lost long before he opened up with his attack.

And I agree, not gamebreaking. Sure, the channeling is a little much, but I'd rather have them turn around instead of attackers getting a free interrupt. Plus, you can't do a 180 degree turn with autofacing, I've tried. (EDIT: Channeling you can, normally you can not, just to clarify)

Do melee classes need more autofacing? I guess it wouldn't hurt. But the movement Auto-face for range is indeed a little crazy (like visual range. Have you ever tried to shoot a gun from the very edge of your vision and hit accurately?)
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