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Republic Pilot Dossiers

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01.15.2020 , 10:27 PM | #1
"Hearing about these old models is fascinating. As far as I know, no flyable relics still exist. Too bad, because I'd love to put one through its paces." - Luke Skywalker (Book of Sith, p. 57)

Republic Pilot Dossiers

Compiled by Grand Moff Rycus Kilran, Commander of the Fifth Fleet, with support and approval from the Minister of War and references yielded by Zasha Ranken of the Imperial Forward Command and various pilots of the Imperial Naval Forces.

Written here is a list of our most notable adversaries amid the stars. The purpose of this list is to educate our pilots and their command of the threats we face so that they can best adjust their tactics to more readily lead us to victory.

This list has been organized to the best of my ability, with rather personal notes to emphasize the cardinal danger these pilots exhibit so that we can all truly understand said threat. Do NOT take this information for granted, nor the names mentioned therein. Ignored, and you may find yourself losing a battle that would have otherwise been easily won, with your execution and the death of the pilots under your command the end result. This is not a threat, but a statement of fact. Please take this document seriously!

Red Squadron

When looking for notable pilots, one would be quick to assume that the more veteran members of a squadron would be numerically adjacent to the position of Leader, but this isn't always the case. In this case, a pilot under the callsign of Red Twelve has proven to often best Imperial pilots looking for a quick kill at the back of a file. He has also been known to improvise and provide support in a leadership role when the actual squadron leader is preoccupied. It seems that this squadron is quite capable of looking after its own rear. Some pilots are born with an innate ability to skillfully fly their craft, so much so that they stand out among the others when special circumstances arise, or when straits are dire. Red Twelve is not an uncommon encounter in this regard, but this is not necessarily detrimental to our objective, for every battle he participates in is another opportunity for us to take him down. He is a diamond in the rough, and we are indeed looking to steal this gem from the coffers of the Republic. Time and time again this specific pilot has bested our own, but time does run short sooner or later. That being said, Red Squadron is the most prominent squadron of the Republic Navy, and for a good reason. A victory against them would be quite the sound triumph, and the destruction of number twelve a worthwhile venture if you're willing to risk it.

Data of this Pilot has been laid out in a concise manner below.

Name: Arots Finbar
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Squadron: Red Squadron
Callsign: Red Twelve

Seen flying a Clarion, most commonly.

Photographic Documentation
Video Documentation: FT-7B Clarion (1), T-70 X-Wing (1), T-65B X-Wing (1), ARC-170 (1)
Not to be confused with: Red Twelve

Blue Squadron

If one finds themselves leading a squadron, it is likely well deserved. The leader of Blue Squadron is certainly no exception to this fact, especially since he has made it onto this very list. What sets him apart from the others who have taken up the mantle of leadership? No, it is not his mustache. It's his skill set bolstered by years of experience and a reputation for survivability and savvy coordination. While it is true that others express much of the same, the results of Blue Leader and his squadron speak for itself. They not only have the highest kill to death ratio, but they always get the job done, and they get it done well enough to warrant not only the placement of Blue Leader on this list, but another one of their pilots as well. Perhaps the Republic is aware of the caliber of this asset of theirs, for while Blue Squadron is extremely effective, they are seldom used in comparison to Red and perhaps some of their other squadrons. They are, however, almost always used for some of the hardest assignments any Republic pilot can face. I suppose it would be best not to waste such a valuable resource on anything less, especially since they are so effective at accomplishing what pilots of other squadrons could only dream of, and still come out alive and on top. I question the validity of Blue Leader's placement on this list, for would his death even break the spirit of his squadron? I suspect it would rather make it stronger, but we lack options against the blue team. Each engagement is an experiment, and one day we will find the right formula to best them.

Data of this Pilot has been laid out in a concise manner below.

Name: Samuel Stormbrook
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Squadron: Blue Squadron
Callsign: Blue Leader

Seen flying a Clarion, most commonly.

Photographic Documentation
Video Documentation: FT-7B Clarion (2) [No Audio], FT-7B Clarion (3)
Not to be confused with: Blue Leader

While Blue Squadron is generally known to be a highly effective and talented group, there is still room to shine within its ranks. One such member, she who shall be referred to as Blue Three, has made it that far. Perhaps she will one day make it so far in her speedy little vessel, she will have forgotten to let the others catch up, and that is when we shall strike her down. Truth be told, she is not to be underestimated, even when alone, though the fragility of her vessel would still mean a great deal of risk to her if such a circumstance would arise. The speed and agility of her craft, on the other hand, has often caused us to waste our time in chasing her down as the rest of her squadron proceeds unabated. She is dangerous, yes, but she is also a distraction. We can't look her way, but we can't look the other way either. This, my friends, is why she is such a threat. She picks and chooses her battles, and her mind is one with her vessel, seemingly engaging in psychological warfare while in flight. Perhaps her mind is where her heart is. Shall we strike at her homeworld of Alderaan, even go so far as to threaten to turn it to dust? Or shall we strike the shipyards whence her kind of ship is produced and where her supposed crush is employed? I heard that there are exciting times ahead for the Republic Navy on Corellia, that there are plans abound for the development of new technology that will open the gates to a new golden age. Perhaps we shall be the ones to deliver the excitement. Perhaps we shall instead open up the gates to Chaos for them. I do doubt either would draw her out. Surely she hasn't survived this long by being naive and so caring as to be careless. She has done well choosing her battles and making the battle hers, as previously mentioned, but what if we decided the battle? What if we went on the offensive? What options would she have then? What use would she be, even to herself?

Do these tactics sound too far-fetched? How about something simpler. When using psychological warfare as a tool, one is not often prepared to face the same in response, rather relying on the stupidity of others. The funny thing about fast craft is that there is always a point where the pilot thinks they have gotten away, and that is when they stop thinking.

Let it be known too, that because she primarily flies a different ship than that of Blue Leader, the two are not often assigned to either the same tasks or the same flights.

Data of this Pilot has been laid out in a concise manner below.

Name: Neveah Scottis
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Squadron: Blue Squadron
Callsign: Blue Three

Seen flying a Flashfire, most commonly.

Photographic Documentation
Video Documentation: Flashfire (1)
Not to be confused with: Blue Three, Tallissan Lintra

Green Squadron

Logical tactics in most scenarios would have the most dangerous of hostiles targeted first with the only exception to that rule being if the target possessed great durability. In the case of the latter, it would be best to focus on those who would be easier to take down lest we are whittled away while whittling away. Obviously, if the target is both weak on offense and defense, they are largely ignored, or ought to be anyway. Sometimes, however, we may mistakenly perceive a hostile to be unimportant, which would then lead us to be caught off guard. This occurs only rarely, however, especially as we adapt to Republic strategies as well as technological advancements. Thankfully, most of their technology is similar to ours. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the assets an enemy has until the battle is well under way, on the other hand, leaving us simply unprepared to expect the unexpected because we can only do so much to anticipate what may or may not even be.

As previously stated, this is not a common occurrence, but it can prove to be a detrimental one. One such nuisance possesses such stigma as to make it onto this list; a hostile often encountered among the ranks of the Republic's Green Squadron, who may seem fragile and frail at first, but left unattended, they can wreak havoc from the background. Scout craft are generally fragile and thus easily destroyed, but they also possess great speed and evasion, which nullifies the allure of an attempt at killing them. This character is no different in this regard, but their offensive ornament is often perceived as a "slew of wet noodles" many would choose to simply ignore as much as something is to shrug off. However, this mistake is also just as often a downfall for any pilot foolish enough to downplay the very purpose of such prowess. The pilot known as Green Six relies on being ignored, so much so that when a target makes itself to be an easy picking, their offensive capabilities come into effect. These supposed "wet noodles" tear through armor and shields like nobody's business when the target they are firing at isn't engaging in any evasive maneuvers. Green Six will then continue to dwindle our numbers until they are focused on. I don't care if you can't chase them in response; that is not the point. During their attack run, they will then be open to be attacked themselves, and attacking them then will prevent them from attacking us in the first place. Use this window to your advantage. The elimination of Green Six will then ease any further conflict with their respective squadron.

Their appearance on this list is so that they do not get ignored. They specifically rely on you underestimating their level of threat; do not give them the satisfaction!

Data of this Pilot has been laid out in a concise manner below.

Name: Sandy Bellinger
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Squadron: Green Squadron
Callsign: Green Six

Seen flying a Flashfire, most commonly.

Photographic Documentation
Video Documentation: Flashfire (2), Flashfire (3)
Not to be confused with: Green Six

It is unfortunate that Green Squadron is further bolstered with an addition to their sixth member, Green Five, who has proven to be as deadly. To the contrary, it is fortunate that the Republic has thrown more of their cards in a single deck or two. Green Five's gunship is just that, and has been specially modified to be a dogfighter to some extent. This is not one of those tacky Condor's that pretend to be a bomber of sorts, nor is Green Five's ship a glass cannon that takes its time between shots. Green Five has been known to discharge many slugs within a span of seconds, with damage hardly below that of a much slower-firing ship. It is either the modifications as previously suggested, or Green Five knows how to use his ship in ways we honestly assume other Republic pilots might be scratching their heads at in curiosity and awe. Indeed, Green Five is no glass cannon. But it still wouldn't make sense to call him a semi-automatic glass cannon either, for his ship is equipped with ordnance and whatnot that are specifically designed to fend off would-be attackers in close quarters combat.

We doubt his arsenal is truly unique, but with the shadier side of the galaxy his brother is supposedly involved with, that is certainly not out of the question. Skill or otherwise, Green Five is extremely overpowered. His distance too, means that we shall only strike at him with craft that can cross the distance without being killed, or overwhelm him with numbers so much so that he does not notice an Imperial gunship setting its sights on him. But do not expect his ship to remain idle; Green Five is as quick as he is in getting out of danger as he is in putting us in danger.

Let it be known too, that because he primarily flies a different ship than that of Green Six, the two are not often assigned to either the same tasks or the same flights.

Data of this Pilot has been laid out in a concise manner below.

Name: Gruurk Barthrer
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Squadron: Green Squadron
Callsign: Green Five

Seen flying a Condor, most commonly.

Photographic Documentation
Video Documentation: SGS-S1 Condor (1), SGS-S1 Condor (2)
Not to be confused with: Green Five

Gold Squadron

No adversary is immortal, and that has proven true thus far and it will always, for each of the pilots who vex us--and are thus deemed befitting of the dishonor of being written about here--have had themselves studied enough that we have also illustrated their weaknesses. Gold Eight is not an exception to this rule. You will not find an exception to this rule, and that means the same to our own pilots. The purpose here is to defeat the Republic's best before our own go down, and that is where my job comes in. That is where this document comes in. Gold Eight flies a bomber known as the Sledgehammer, and a sledgehammer it is indeed. More of a heavy bomber, I might add, for when it does unleash its payload, not even a star destroyer can withstand. The weakness, in all irony I can muster, is this very aggression. Gold Eight's aggression certainly does make him the deadliest of his squad, for what's deadlier than a bomber on a run? One that does not stop running. Gold Eight has been known to quickly follow up with one salvo after another. In many occasions, he does not immediately pull back with the rest of his squadron. This and the sheer size of his craft make him stick out like a sore thumb, and to be frank, it is the first who tries who dies.

Our tactics are as follows. Normally, we strike at as many bombers as we can to mitigate as much of the incoming damage as possible for bombers have their strengths in numbers. However, because Gold Eight rather stings and likes to be at the forefront, we shall focus on him first. This may have devastating effects on the first target of his squadron's picking, as the rest of the bombers would proceed unabated, but it would spare the rest of us much trouble. Without Gold Eight, we can then proceed to standardize defensive protocols without having to worry about some lunatic who handles even the grandest of our vessels with utter disrespect.

Word has it that it isn't just Gold Eight's skill and proclivity for violent methods that ascends his capabilities, but that they are involved in the criminal underworld. I do not know how these sources have been garnered, but I suppose that can help clarify things a bit. Perhaps he has modified his craft to be even more effective at what it does, and then some. Is the Republic aware of this? If so, do they grant him the privilege? Gold Eight has a brother who we also suspect might be utilizing equipment superior to military-grade, but until we can inspect their crafts before or after their destruction, we can never know.

We do not believe either are force-sensitive, but perhaps the Force is with them nonetheless.

Data of this Pilot has been laid out in a concise manner below.

Name: Vruurk Barthrer
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Squadron: Gold Squadron
Callsign: Gold Eight

Seen flying a Sledgehammer, most commonly.

Photographic Documentation
Video Documentation: Sledgehammer (1), Sledgehammer (2)
Not to be confused with: Gold Eight

Gray Squadron

While fragile in both offense and defense, at least in the more common cases, the NovaDive contains an incredible amount of speed. Thus, its pilots are of the tactical mind. When Gray Seven does choose to strike, he picks his targets with reason, and applies various gadgetry to counter them in ways they may not suspect. For one thing, such a maneuver is usually an attempt at a quick kill, but Grey Seven likes to harass his targets more than anything. However, he does get a kill from time to time, especially when the pilot he is focusing on has no back up. Remember, he observes before he strikes. I daresay that against Gray Squadron, it is an absolute necessity to watch each others backs. Gray Seven, despite being the pilot of a fast vessel, is not usually the first into the foray. He awaits with unabated breath for us to be overly occupied with the battle at hand before flying out from the shadows of space, seemingly undetected, to pick us off where there be a weakness among us.

His weakness, on the other hand, is that sometimes he remains engaged for a little too long. It is likely that when you are under his fire, that there will be enough time for an ally or more of yours to shift focus onto him before he manages to take you down. Do not panic or give up hope under such a circumstance. Under any assignment against Gray Squadron, it is recommended to keep their seventh member in mind so as to quickly address his presence on the battlefield when needed. He shall not be ignored for long.

Data of this Pilot has been laid out in a concise manner below.

Name: Oscar Fenix
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Squadron: Gray Squadron
Callsign: Gray Seven

Seen flying a NovaDive, most commonly.

Photographic Documentation
Video Documentation: NovaDive (1)
Not to be confused with: Gray Seven


Over the past few years, we have been able to acquire several pieces of Republic propaganda via covert methods. While amusing to some, and taken seriously by others, they usually hold no merit and thus are quickly discarded. However, the following pieces have proven interesting enough for study, for they reveal that even the Republic would go to great lengths to lie to prospecting recruits and to their people who are interested in the affairs of their war machine about the state of their campaign to dismantle the stability the Empire provides and their aggression toward the sovereignty of neutral worlds. They do not just war against us, but to their own, they exercise mass psychological warfare under the guise of peace and truth. Mind you, no side of any war is purely clean of any ill occurrence, but at least the Empire is honest about their methods.

The following videos allude to an overbearing emphasis on martyrdom, to bolster the pride of their fleet and to encourage further recruitment. Everyone wants to be the hero after all. Why not sacrifice yourself in the process! Surely, a hologram will be made in your honor! I can only guess as to the amount of Republic pilots who died having faith in such delusions of grandeur. I suspect that their souls are floating amongst a void of nothingness save for regret. I pity them not. The Empire would have given them true purpose, a real cause to fight for, and they certainly would have been made heroes even in death. Not forgotten and mocked like the starfighter pilots under the jurisdiction of the Jedi. They made their choice and they paid the price.

The first video goes into detail about a great battle that had taken place over the skies of Rakata Prime, much unlike the battle of old. How the Republic Fleet miraculously appeared from out of no where--completely undetected--and laid waste to our unsuspecting base of operations. I assure you, no recent battle took place over the skies of the Rakatan home world, and our Navy wouldn't be so woefully unprepared as to be decimated as easily as portrayed, and that's even if the Republic had brought some of their best pilots with them. The scenario is artificial to the core. To give prospecting pilots an oasis of falsehood, that of Republic victory and dominance. None of the pilots portrayed here even exist, and we do know that for their real identities are documented within these very pages, as you may already be aware. Neither the Republic or the Empire possess any of the ships portrayed either, although it has been noted that they do look familiar. There also seems to be a depiction of a spherical space station, possibly a modified Star Forge, utilizing enhanced tech as some sort of super weapon of the Empire; I assure you, we posses no such thing, and we wouldn't be so mental as to fire it at our own base just to fend off a few fighters and thieves. You can validate this for yourself upon visiting the scene of this battle at this very moment.

Above is another example of exaggerated propaganda. Just look how casually and quickly these pilots decimate a highly-defensible and deadly battle station. Logic would assume that such an attack would require careful planning and a hard-fought execution, but there is none of that here. This propaganda also relies on Imperial forces being dimwitted and stupid--need I tell you that real Imperials are far from either? This very fact ironically expresses how stupid Pubs are, thus providing the accuracy displayed within our own propaganda!

I would also like to make it clear that we do not have any major fortification on Ilum... and neither have we hallowed out the planet to construct some silly, over-the-top super weapon of immense comedy.

I suspect that the difference in ship design from our time in these videos, and the names of pilots and planets, are to cover for possible fraud charges. Is the Republic breaking their own laws or the laws of whatever supposedly independent jurisdiction that has shared such media to their populace? We will find out, and we will use it against them if need be.

It is amazing that something fit for a child's show is being utilized as honest propaganda. The Republic are fools as are their pilots, and the fool does not know that they are a fool! Do not fret, for Republic pilots always face reality upon their first engagement. What does amaze me however, is how little they refuse to serve thereafter. Must be some Jedi mind trick or something.

Their standards are pathetic, even for such an artificial display of media. The Empire does it right and does it for real. Understanding of this is why so many stand by our cause.

You can find a visual version of this fan fiction here: Republic Pilot Dossiers (Star Wars)