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Alderaan Stronghold Feedback Phase #1

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Alderaan Stronghold Feedback Phase #1
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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12.17.2019 , 11:49 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey all,

PTS is now live! A few quick notes and then we will dive into the questions. Our plan for this PTS is to look for initial feedback on the Stronghold, the rooms, and hook placement. We will be bringing PTS back down this Friday, so it will be pretty quick. Then, we will be back in January with the next and more robust testing phase for Alderaan (coming in 6.1). Below you will find some guiding questions you should try to answer, you don't specifically need to answer them but try to keep them in mind as you leave your feedback.
  • What is your general feeling on the Stronghold?
  • Are there any specific rooms you like, or don't like, and why? Please be specific.
  • Does the Stronghold feel too big? Too small? Why?
  • If you could change one thing about the Stronghold, what would it be?
  • Does the increased hook density feel too cluttered?
  • Does the number and placement of hooks feel to restrictive given the Stronghold's decoration cap?
  • Anything else you want to add?
Reminder that pricing is typically not implemented on PTS. Once we know final pricing I can post it. Also, please report any and all bugs on the PTS Bug Report Forum.

Thanks all!

Eric Musco | Senior Community Manager
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12.17.2019 , 12:03 PM | #2
Due to my failure of overall written English due to disability I made a video to convey my requested changes. Part 1 Part 2 - Total time about 12m between the two parts.

Orginal Post Below
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
I am a RP'er that is part of probably one of the oldest RP guilds on the game. We have been around for about 15 years and I am currently serving as a council member for this term. As a guild, we are VERY VERY excited about this SH for so many reasons.

Il cover a few, One this SH is VERY Jedi centric and look very much like a Jedi Temple, two its very large and has huge amounts of surface area which will allow for some amazing organic personal Rp encounters which have been a huge challenge with the previous SH. The actual spaces within the SH are amazing for guild RP however there are two huge glaring problems. Number one there are just not rooms in the SH for a guild of our size the second issue is the cave is not multi-purpose in its current form.

So I will attack the first problem here. The number of rooms is just insufficient there should be two additional rooms added to the SH. The first one should be a secret vault which should have a room about the size of the current Study in the SH and a larger room about the size of the room with the giant windows. I would personally place the entryway into this area underneath the ruins so it's underground. This space would allow for any person or guild to turn it into just about anything. The second room should be a room at the top of the estate with a 360-degree view of the entire area or a basement at the bottom of the state that could be used as a large generic area for any purpose. This could act as both a council room a, dining room or a bedroom or anything really. I really tried to think of very easy way to add the two-rooms work-wise on the devs something that just required small pocket spaces with very little work needing to be placed into them this would also not limit the number of hooks in those spaces as they are their own spaces.

Now lets attack the cave area the cave is great I love it but it has no real purpose as far as I can tell right now so id like to request that you be able to alter the properties of the cave via a console in the SH. Allowing the player to chose what the cave looks like overall without decor will allow for more versatility. A number of options could be added such as a crystal cave, an instanced cave that allows us to set up our own min encounter would be amazing. Just allow for some versatility when it comes to the cave you could do this by allowing the person to choose which instance of the cave we want at purchases such as the crystal cave or killick cave.

One other note I feel like the entryway area could be improved by adding a second area above the main chamber that mirrors the lower half it just feels like a waste of space honestly not too do this. This idea would also solve the space problem many larger RP guilds have.

Now I know we haven't been able to get into the SH yet so I will add take or change this once I can get into the SH however the two additional rooms are really needed to make it an extream versatile SH Thanks for reading hope to see everyone on PTS tomorrow.
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12.17.2019 , 12:10 PM | #3
Downloading now. Will give you my report once I get there but again thanks for Alderaan, I been waiting for years for this one! I always wanted a castle on Alderaan so again thank you. A very nice Christmas gift and an unexpected one since I rarely get gifts.
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12.17.2019 , 12:43 PM | #4
Hi, Eric.

For bugs, what I did find were a few graphical issues and one with sounds:
I presume that the minimap textures are fine as this is phase 1 testing, but those are also broken incase they shouldn't be.

In regards to hook placement, my advice to you is that, in the ruins room, there should be some floor hooks, not just wall hooks. I also advise that, on the throne platform, the small green hooks are made larger so we can do more with them. Otherwise, I have no advice to give.

If it is at all possible to make all furnishings available and infinite (or 999 of each), that would be great so we can really test these hooks and make sure they are working properly (note: the Killik Grounds situation).

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12.17.2019 , 12:57 PM | #5
Even though I unlocked the Balcony area (in the Throne Room section), I cannot reenter it after initial unlock (after leaving the stronghold). Same issue with the Kilik Grounds section.
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12.17.2019 , 01:23 PM | #6
My initial feedback...

* Some efficacious ways to die. Well played.

* Hook placement:
Outdoor hooks are a bit sparse, and excessively rectilinear.

All the hooks in the halfway up the stairs in front of the main building are *backwards*. Add a "Turret (Large)", and by default it points at the building rather than the valley.

The placement in the various buildings of ceiling hooks is ... weird. Way up high in the big room with the stained-glass window there are some large ones, but they are so high up that any lights you put up there have no effect at ground level. In the various corridors, we are stuck with *those* lights because there's no hooks there, just preset fixtures.

* Movement.
There's a taxi droid out front, but there are no destinations available.

Some areas are "no mounts here". Dudes! If I can ride a speeder around the interior of the Coru/DK apartments' respective ground floors, why not inside the Alderaan buildings?
Not really what you think.
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12.17.2019 , 02:01 PM | #7

Hooks in the area outside the Killik cave.

When you change the centerpiece hook to large, add small hooks on top of those hooks please.

Entrance: Add a large wall hook to place tapestry or something there but make sure it is able to be adjusted.

Windows nice: Maybe add some drapes for us to put there. Add more windows, like in the study, etc.

Ceilings: Remove the Temple lights and see below for suggestions.

Main Hall:
For the large ceiling hooks above the stain class: Add some Hanging Crest there or something like that. Lights will not work due to the stain glass, but you can add ceiling hooks on the bottom on the sides .

Add a way to get up to the 2nd floor and make it like an overlook balcony .

Check the floor hooks in the main hall especially close to the side room. When I use the red aisle runners it goes into the other room and even when I try to move it back it doesn't work since we can only do it 20

Mountain Retreat:
Add floor hooks inside the ruins

Western Lodging:
Change the Light to either the Revanite Chandeliers or the Zakuul Chandeliers. While the Jedi Temple lights are nice, they don't fit a castle or just take them out and let us choose.

Door: I know it is supposed to be locked but allow it to be unlocked

Northern Lodgings:
See my comment about the chandeliers in the Western Lodging
Add some doors to some of the rooms so they can be more private (I.E. the room with the large windows, needs a door)

Rule of thumb: If it is room then a door should be there and if not add one please.

You might want to consider being able to mount, but that is not a big deal for this decorator as I tend to run everywhere anyways but I am guessing that it just not finished since the others have it.

One other suggestion: On the Alderaan decoration bundle, you may want to consider listing them separately on the cartel shop as there are certain items I may need more so than others. Actually put more statutes (not the commemorative one) on the CS shop please.
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12.17.2019 , 02:25 PM | #8
I've now had the chance the unlock all the areas and have a good look around.

The Good:
1. The Stained glass window is really nice - many of us mentioned that on the stream yesterday
2. The whole stronghold is visually spectacular inside and out
3. Destructible cave blockage and the Killik cave is a great idea (though see below)
4. A taxi point in the stronghold - if we can fly to anywhere on Alderaan from here this a great addition.

Constructive Criticism:
1. We need to be able to mount up everywhere please. "Mounts are not allowed here" - this makes me want to force choke everyone. ALL other strongholds allow us to mount regardless of indoor or outdoor areas; even the PvP area in the Rishi stronghold allows us to turn that off so we can mount up. This needs an urgent change because with a stronghold this big I AM OUT, no matter how good it looks. Being unable to mount and get around quickly as a decorator is a deal breaker for me. Until this changes I will not be buying this stronghold. I came prepared with so many decorations on my transferred character but lost the will to even try to decorate in the no-mount areas. You were suspiciously silent when many of us asked during the stream so I thought this might be the case but confirmation is depressing. Did someone think not mounting would make us take longer with this content? Have you met us decorators? We take our time - I'm still making changes to all my favourite strongholds (Nar Shadaa, Rishi, Kaas City, Coruscant and Manaan) and I can mount up in all of those.

2. There is a ruined room in the mountains that needs floor hooks -

3. North and East paths inside the Killik cave area need some floor hooks: The east entrance path inside the cave had none and the north path has just one medium hook.

4. Vendor icons with no off toggle make Baby Yoda cry. I don't mind vendor icons in world gameplay areas but I want the ability to toggle them off in my strongholds please. I was disappointed the Alderaan SH has vendor icons everywhere.
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12.17.2019 , 03:53 PM | #9
Okay, this is a work in progress and I will continue to add more things as I go.
*Indicates new entries.

These are some notes i took along the way:

Initial cutscene failed to play. i was staring at grass.
No epic Alderaanian music.
Cave looks nice. I like the pseudo terminal to change killik population density.
*Killik cave area has reset to pre explosion. Terminal not working.
Could use more hooks along the shoreline.
*Arrival points are not changing after I originally set to lower exterior(bridge of moat). No matter which other arrival point I save it to, I still arrive at the moat.

The following areas need more hooks:

*Campsite by killik cave activation terminal is a missed opportunity.
A building that had this view would be far more impressive:

instead we got this:

Potential site for cave under waterfall?

Gonk Droid at entrance? Please remove it!
Cinematic terminal not working.
Add large wall hooks instead of small ones in entrance.
Stained glass window is gorgeous. Good job there but it's reflection on the floor is off center.
A little overkill with the hooks on the interior floor especially where the reflection is.
The system message telling us what room we're in needs to go.
Could use a second floor on top of main interior room. Something akin to the senate on Coruscant.
Throne room needs a door.
*Throne room should have dais removed.
Would love a way to get to area below balcony.
*Door leading to hallway and balcony will no longer open though it's unlocked.
Elevator to retreat has terminal on outside instead of inside.

It's clear to me that they used the assets of Thul Palace to make our castle and lodging:

Biggest glaring deception is the shear size of the castle face:

But we really get this:
Higher points of main building and adjacent towers are fake.

The area above entrance would be ideal for a 2nd floor balcony that overlooks the valley:

Thul Palace interior main room:

Alderaan Sh interior main room:
Note the second floor balcony that we don't have!

Main interior floor plans for both Thul Palace and Alderaan Sh are very similar:

Thul Palace has side rooms that turns into other floors:

If you're going to basically give us Thul Palace, then don't half *** it!
Give us a second floor, more rooms, and an overlooking balcony.

Throne room with dais and view unobstructed:
I prefer the room without the dais.

Put small hooks here on these pillars:

Allow for narrow hooks here on corner floor accents:

Another droid that needs to be removed at entrance.
Could use a Starship hook in big open area near destroyed building structure.
That destroyed building structure needs to go. Turn it into a small residency for the lord of the estate.
Found a starship hook down below destroyed building structure. Insta death trying to get there. Starship hook there is nonsense.
Taxi service not working.
Would love an arrival point at each taxi instead of bridge of moat and entrance to retreat.
Why taxis and no thrantas? Alderaan is known for thranta transport.
Main rooms of both lodgings need doors.
Would love to be able to get to area beyond glass in main rooms.
Remove that fake door or make it a room. Better yet make an elevator that lead to the roof.
*Found a second fake door. Please remove it or make it a room (picture below)

The following areas could use some hooks:
Basically fill in all open spots in the mountain retreat.

Fake door on side of Western Lodge:

Found a way to get down a little further to the starship hook below the ruins in the mountain retreat:
Could only go as far as that before I got exhaustion damage and died.
DEVS, make a path that leads down to the starships.

Messing around and discovered a huge open area:
DEVS, please allow us use of this space.

*Dabbled with some decorating and noticed a few things.

The quadrant of starship hooks area in the valley is pretty large.
Starship hooks when broken down into centerpiece and larges have no smalls or narrow to fill in spaces.
Makes it difficult to utilize the area if it's not Starships or extremely large decorations.

Although the stronghold seems large there isn't really that much livable space.
Main hall, 2 lodges, throne room, study. drawing, guest. Ruins, balcony and cave aren't imo.
On top of that the rooms are large and have high ceilings. You can place jedi archives as room dividers but they only go so high leaving a lot of open air space.

The stained glass window is a mixed bag. It's fantastic to look at. So much so that you don't want to place anything to obstruct it's view, reflection on floor or it's god's rays of light. Puts you in a predicament where you'll end of leaving that whole area undecorated and thus a waste of space and hooks.

The retreat seems like it was worked on last. Focus was probably getting the castle and grounds down first. More love was spent there. By time they made it to the retreat they got tired. Hence the lack of hooks, the unimpressive ruins, and the very little outdoor space.

What is your general feeling on the Stronghold?

Are there any specific rooms you like, or don't like, and why?
I like the throne room, balcony, and two lodging rooms because of the view.
The other rooms I don't because they are too big and have no windows.

Does the Stronghold feel too big? Too small? Why?
The open area with starship hooks feels too big.
The mountain retreat open area feels too small.

If you could change one thing about the Stronghold, what would it be?
I would remove those stupid F'ing droid vendors with the floating treasure chest icon.

Does the increased hook density feel too cluttered?
Yes, very much so in the main hall interior floor. Especially by the stained glass window reflection.

Does the number and placement of hooks feel too restrictive given the Stronghold's decoration cap?
Was unable to test it thoroughly enough.

Anything else you want to add?
I want a nice thranta nest for transportation.
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12.17.2019 , 04:02 PM | #10
First impressions: Fantastic! The Stronghold feels majestic with lots of outdoor space, has great views and plenty of hooks to play with. In my opinion it could benefit from having some large hooks on the walls outside of the buildings so we can proudly proclaim our loyalties to visitors as well as perhaps a few hooks in the more out of the way corners of the grounds however.

The main Room: I love it, and the stained glass window is an especially nice touch but given the size of building I would have loved to have seen a second floor added. Also to expand on what someone said earlier the lights that have already been placed there are unnecessary as well as some of the carpets (yeah they look great but if I want to go full emo darkside or decorate the Palace as a rundown squat then they won't fit) - let us choose what decorations to place please!

Hook placement - Could do with some tinkering. The floor hooks in some of the corridors could do with being more centralised (Hallway to the throne room specifically), The ruins would defiantly benefit from some floor hooks inside and in the outside space of the Mountain Retreat area they are too bunched up given the amount of open space available.

If I could change just one thing?: Add a second floor to the main room or, better yet, lifts (erm, elevators ) to a couple of towers either side of the main building to take advantage of those views!

In closing: Overall I think you did a great job with it and I'm super looking forward to moving in! One last request if I may be so bold? Please please please up the cap on Guild SH's! With the amount of effort we've all put into decorating our existing Guild SH's it will be a shame to loose them and besides - My main totally needs both a Summer and Winter Palace to chill in!