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List of SWTOR: Onslaught 6.0 Bugs Thread

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List of SWTOR: Onslaught 6.0 Bugs Thread
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Zandressa's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 04:10 PM | #21
Twice I've gotten empty Renown caches. Rank 1 and 2, both empty. Stopped playing that character until it's fixed.

Ranelia's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 04:13 PM | #22
Why has all of the currency that used to be used to buy command boosts been taken and not converted to the new renown tech fragments? All of my disintegrated parts have gone and not been replaced by anything either.

Also, if you were level 300 Command rank what are you now? The Renown rank is now 0.

ceryxp's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 04:35 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by AscendingSky View Post
Yeah, you didn't read what I wrote, did you? To make it clearer for you: this is what you are faced when when you open up a piece of moddable gear:

See that "Item Modification Perk" down there? That's it! Though I do think I may have misinterpreted the wording. It looks like now it means you can buy a perk so you don't have to use a mod station to add an augment? In which case it's a feature, not a bug. On first read it looked like you had to pay it to modify your gear period, but I think now it just applies to augments. It costs 250k credits or 50 CCs to unlock this perk for a character. It doesn't give an option to unlock it for a whole account, just one character at a time.
OMG, Bioware and their stupidity. Their greed holds no bounds.
I'm not seeing the issue here. I've never been able to add an augment without being at an item modification station. This seems like a nice QoL upgrade that will allow us to add an augment anywhere without having to go to an item mod station.
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10.22.2019 , 04:42 PM | #24
The purple mission guidance on Onderon are mixed up when directing you to "Find the entrance to the catacombs" when you finish defeating what's-her-name-robot-queen inside the palace. It directs you to the entrance, telling you to exit, and when you exit telling you to enter again.

If you head left once on the surface underneath the columns (looking for another entrance or something) you can get in but then get blocked when attempting to leave with an invisible wall. However, you can still teleport, which is what I did. Then I took a transport to the very far away hunting lodge which is where it should've been directing me in the first place.
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10.22.2019 , 04:49 PM | #25
Can't place communications beacon in the quest Springing the Trap. Says I am too far away. There is no way to get closer or higher to the green marker high up on the wall.

tomatosquish's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 04:53 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by ceryxp View Post
I'm not seeing the issue here. I've never been able to add an augment without being at an item modification station. This seems like a nice QoL upgrade that will allow us to add an augment anywhere without having to go to an item mod station.
I am thinking they mean you could add upgrades (barrels/hilts and so on) on the fly. I am hoping they just mean the augments and the new upgrade thing and not mods.

That being said... To add to the list:

Only first character logged in received conquest reward despite all of my alts completing personal CQ and guild hitting their goal.

Vengeance Jugg utility Seething Hatred not resetting force charge timer when you exit combat. Still works for saber throw and enrage, just not force charge.

Estelindis's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 04:53 PM | #27
A bug I reported on the PTS is still active.

Quote: Originally Posted by Estelindis View Post
Quick travel node for the Republic Forward Operating base on Onderon is unlocked, but when my character goes to quick travel, that node does not show up on the map.
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Perfectdoll's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 04:56 PM | #28
I second the stronghold invite bug. You can give invites and the person invited get the 'you've been invited' prompt but when you click the accept button it tells you "You are not permitted to enter this Stronghold". It does this regardless of if you're grouped with the person you're trying to invite or not.

You can work around it by handing whomever you're inviting a key and have them enter on their own. Alternatively, setting your stronghold briefly to public for them to enter should work if you don't want to hand out a key, it does require them to be at a stronghold directory though.

All in all, this is a rather annoying bug, especially for anyone on the roleplaying realms who likely invite people to their strongholds more than any other servers.

Kaesoi's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 04:59 PM | #29
While starting Onderaan scematic, it freezes the game while trying to load and forces a close everytime, my toon is now stuck and cant be played. Please HELP!!!!

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10.22.2019 , 05:05 PM | #30 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrien_ View Post
Groupfinder sets op difficulty to 16 man story mode.

Also, the first time we queued (for the daily, which is Monolith today) we were put in Hive Queen.
A few follow-up questions here:
  • Did you get placed with 8 players or 16?
  • Was the difficulty set to 8 player or 16?
  • Which Operation did you experience it? I assume this was in Monolith?


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