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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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10.13.2019 , 07:36 AM | #9721
Yesterday we had a Vet FP : Athiss.
Seemingly somewhat newish people, too.
Someone always had aggro, but after we had found that out, healing was good. Only a few deaths.
Shortly before the end a newish Commando decided to do an AOE on 3 temple guardians. Big mistake.
We told him so.
With only 1 death, we made it through the final fight, then.

Athiss is the other FP where i look past most mistakes, because it is usually one of the beginner's first FPs (besides Hammer).
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10.13.2019 , 10:49 AM | #9722
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueShiftRecall View Post
. The majority of DPS completely ignored the adds, with the adds being ignored they all made a b-line for us healers, one of us went down pretty quickly, I said get the adds in chat but were ignored by the tunnel vision DPS who just ignored all the adds.
That is a bad situation, but it sounds like the Tanks may have been partially to blame. Most of the times I've done that boss, the tanks would use taunts to hold the adds around the boss while the DPS spammed AOEs. I can see that, if the tanks don't hold agro and the DPS don't notice, the healers will indeed die.

Btw, It's definitely time for a CPU upgrade. I have an i5-6600 and I get about 15 fps during the bug boss (a bit better vs the droid). That makes it hard to do anything other than spam AOEs. I'm looking to go to an AMD Ryzen 3x00X soon-ish.
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10.15.2019 , 01:54 PM | #9723
Quote: Originally Posted by LD_Little_Dragon View Post
This isn't odd, I don't like any toys that let other people force my character to do things. Up to and including the 'rally' ability.

If you want to dance go for it, but I think it's rude to use things that affect other characters. I know they are in the game, so don't call anyone out for using them, but I will move out of the area or jump on a speeder to make it stop, and that is MY right to do.
This post makes you one of the people this thread is talking about.
FYI, your character is not YOU. It's a bunch of pixels on a screen in a make believe world made up of pixels.

I will have to remember to throw a party bomb at the start of every FP to weed out the riffraff.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Trolltar View Post
I believe he's quoting a frequent contributor to these forums. His name is Strawman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
Thanks Rion Starbrah.

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10.15.2019 , 03:56 PM | #9724
Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
This post makes you one of the people this thread is talking about.
FYI, your character is not YOU. It's a bunch of pixels on a screen in a make believe world made up of pixels.

I will have to remember to throw a party bomb at the start of every FP to weed out the riffraff.
If you bothered to read my post that won't do anything but make me move ahead of the group. Still if you want to be obnoxious go for it.

It doesn't matter that I've done pretty much all the fp in HM in all three roles, since I don't like party bombs that makes me riffraff.

Riffraff that can solo flashpoints. You might want to consider that when you go out to be obnoxious when using group-finder. The competent players have other options than que'ing up with randoms. Too many pops with annoying players and the slightly longer solo runs or a duo with a guildie becomes the better option.
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10.15.2019 , 05:58 PM | #9725
Somewhat unrelated, and WZ not groupfinder. Most amusing use of Music Therapy Probe Iíve seen recently. Alderaan Warzone, my team is well ahead and its close to the end of the match. Iím chilling at one of our nodes with a teammate and an enemy stealther pops up, jumps on top of the node and activates the probe, then stealths out again. If you canít beat Ďem, make Ďem dance the night awaaaaaay.

10/10, Would dance again.
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10.18.2019 , 09:51 PM | #9726
So a week or so ago, I decided to brush off my lvl 60 merc healer and finish off his class story. I had not played this toon in years. So I log in and see that I've got the mission for Cademimu. So I queue up for it, thinking I'll run some solo missions to warm up while I wait. Whaddaya know, instant pop! Okay, I guess we're just starting with a flashpoint.

I zone in and immediately type a disclaimer in chat that I haven't played my toon in years and will therefore be rusty. The group consists of three DPS. At least two were low level, the third might've been a 70, can't remember. We pull the first group of mobs and I choke. I thought I was rusty; it feels more like I've never played a merc before in my life. I'm looking at the healing abilities on my quickbar, but all I can think of is my operative, so I automatically think certain skills are more or less vital based on how they correspond keybind-wise (which, spoiler alert, was wrong). The DPS seemed squishy, maybe because they were lowbies, but I was not prepared. We wiped at least once on trash. Fortunately, the third member whose level I can't remember seemed to know the flashpoint pretty well. He knew how to sneak around skippable mobs and just seemed to know where he was going (unlike me, who in addition to having no clue how to heal, could barely remember this flashpoint at all).

We get into an area of dense mobs and skip the ones we can. Then I fumble a keybind (because I still don't remember what half of my abilities are) and accidentally hit Rocket Out... which sends me straight into the middle of a group of mobs we skipped. I can't believe myself. At this point the experienced guy has had enough and quits without a word. We queue for a replacement, and get another lowbie who quits before we're even all in the same place. So we requeue and get a sorc DPS, I think mid-level. I mention that we're not doing very well, and he is very nice and tries to help us out. He doesn't rush ahead, makes sure we all made it past the trash and that nobody accidentally aggros anything, little things like that. I mention that I'm not very good, and he offers to respec, even though it's not really his thing. I say nah, let's try it and see how it goes. We get to the first boss, and he says to hit the officer and ignore the droid. Kewl, let's go.

I... I can't even. I'm so unfamiliar with my class that instead of hitting the wrong buttons, I'm pressing nothing at all. I literally just stand there, wasting precious seconds frozen in indecision over and over again. And my brain is so addled that I can't properly execute the mechanics. Even if I can't heal at all, I should be able to hit kolto stations or run away from the droid when it targets me. But nope, I'm useless. We wipe twice, and I tell him that maybe he should respec after all. So we wait for him to respec. He stands still for a few minutes and then starts bubbling everybody. I figure he must be ready now. Who should pull? He's the healer, and the other DPS are squishy. I can at least take a little beating, so I guess I should pull. The thought crosses my mind that maybe I should type "ready?" in chat, but in yet another derpy moment, I figure it's not necessary and just pull the boss.

He was not, in fact, ready. And neither was anyone else. They tried, they really did, but we wiped pretty fast. Then the very nice sorc decided we were a lost cause. With a "sorry, lol" he quit group and left us all alone again. At which point I figured I'd do the other guys a favor and bow out gracefully. So I told them it didn't look like it was going to happen, and we went our separate ways. I felt so bad. I have never played more horribly in my life.

Moral of the story: Play your toon for more than five seconds before you make other people play with you.
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10.19.2019 , 01:42 AM | #9727
Quote: Originally Posted by NSaynKnutt View Post
Moral of the story: Play your toon for more than five seconds before you make other people play with you.
Pretty much this ^... most of the time we met weird peeps who are in fact either bad or out of touch with their toon. only if they realise it and re-learn their class, lot of awkward situation can be avoided.
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10.19.2019 , 06:25 AM | #9728
Quote: Originally Posted by LD_Little_Dragon View Post
Riffraff that can solo flashpoints.
Someone's got their knickers in a twist. 😉

But just to clarify, "riff raff" - meaning a disreputable or undesirable person - has nothing to do with your skill level.
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10.19.2019 , 06:29 AM | #9729
Quote: Originally Posted by NSaynKnutt View Post
Moral of the story: Play your toon for more than five seconds before you make other people play with you.
On the other hand, it's surprising how often people quit and/or the group disbands after just one wipe. 🤔
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10.20.2019 , 09:07 AM | #9730
MM Hammer Station, with a Shadow tank, Scoundrel heals, Gunslinger dps, and me on a Shadow:

I said hi a couple of times at the beginning of the run. Nobody responded.

Everybody was well geared, some of us very well geared. Tank insisted - not verbally, but with his actions - on doing LoS pulls every time anyway, yet had trouble holding aoe threat. This was not really much of a problem, but it was of a piece with what happened later.

Tank also insisted on pulling the tunneler droid back into the exit tunnel. This was and is a waste of time (much like many of the LoS pulls) to attempt to avoid an extremely easy mechanic. It also confused the healer and the other dps, who thought that running to the other side of the room made the first boss skippable, and kept going into the next few tunnels, so that when the tank actually pulled, his healer had to run back. Healer was also incapable of cleansing, which was something I didn't notice until after the tank used up his Resilience and his Force Cloak and died halfway through the fight. I had less room to maneuver away from the droids because we were in tighter quarters, but I survived okay, albeit a little annoyed.

The slinger, who died during the tunneler droid fight (something I could have and should have prevented, despite the healer's incompetence, if I were thinking about it clearly enough, since I probably had enough self-cleanses at that point in the fight to hold aggro and not die), made up an excuse about wife aggro and dropped group. Poor guy. This was convenient enough, because it let us stealth past everything; I brought out a 50 dps Nadia and we continued. Tank decided to pull one group anyway for no reason at all, resulting in my near-death when the healer got confused.

We kept stealthing past things up to Vorgan, but the healer hung back and asked me to set my comp to heals. I rhetorically asked - told - him that that was his job; I didn't want to lose dps, and there wasn't much aoe damage in the last two boss fights anyway. He could cover the comp with aoe heals for minor chip damage if he didn't like focus targeting her. Apparently he had decided to respec to dps on the assumption that I would use a ranged heals comp and then changed his mind after my comment and went back to heals. Our tank didn't bother waiting (again) and pulled Vorgan without our healer even remotely close by aaaaand got himself and me killed. Whoop de doo. We respawned, the tank pulled out Shae Vizla, and we rolled through again, successfully this time, although he didn't micromanage her well, nor did he do a particularly good job of keeping aggro. Whatever.

We stealthed up to Kreshan and the tank pulled from immediately behind the boss, meaning that his companion got slaughtered by Sweeping Blasters almost instantly. The tank also decided to point Sweeping Blasters in my direction every time I went to kill the adds in the fight, and almost killed me a couple of times.

In the grand scheme of things, this wasn't an unusually frustrating run, and "healer heals poorly and tank does dumb stuff on Hammer Station MM" is not exactly new material for this thread, but it was the first derpy MM run I've had in a while, so I felt like sharing.

EDIT: Ran MM Esseles immediately afterward. It was a good, communicative, friendly group. One person asked to do bonus and we obliged. We moved quickly without leaving people behind, we had minimal derping (although it's tough to derp on Esseles), and there was a lot of spacebaring. Great group - much more in line with my usual group finder experience.
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