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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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09.11.2019 , 10:53 AM | #9701
Quote: Originally Posted by mothbanquet View Post
It was a very DS-looking DS Jaesa with big glowy sith eyes, I'm not sure I could've made her more evil. And hell yeah, I killed everyone on the spot.
Hahaha did the guy go ballistic? Tell me he went ballistic!
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09.16.2019 , 03:20 AM | #9702
Quote: Originally Posted by Kraysk View Post
So i have added all of em to friends, we ran some vets amd MMs together later, and today they all joined the guild im in.
I love GF, even tho sometimes i really hate it.
In my experience, recruiting though mm FP's and OPS is a great way of attracting new players to a guild.

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09.18.2019 , 07:33 AM | #9703
Quote: Originally Posted by AbsolutGrndZero View Post
Hahaha did the guy go ballistic? Tell me he went ballistic!
Sadly no, though as the massacre began the other fellow who was quite amused throughout did say in chat "damn you jaesa", which made me snort my tea.

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09.29.2019 , 03:15 PM | #9704
Just healed an MM LI. Let's have one of the DPS comments post-completion to start us out:

[4:18:10 PM] [DPS name redacted] whispers: tbh dont think ive ever seen a tank pull in the middle of explanation on every single boss

So...yeah. One geared DPS who knew what to do, one undergeared DPS that still knew what to do, me on heals, and a clueless tank who generally didn't listen to explanations very well and didn't even have gear in every slot (and some of the gear was unmodded cartel oranges). That was fun.

To their credit, the tank opened by saying that they hadn't done the FP, and that conditioned my expectations accordingly; nobody seemed to get mad, even when the tank pulled mid-explanation (why ask for an explanation you won't pay attention to? whatever).

We actually only wiped once, on the first Sav-Rak pull. But our tank died on every fight and had to be brezzed. Tank died on both Sav-Rak pulls (to lava, because of course) and we only avoided enrage by the slimmest of margins.

It was definitely a workout! I hope that the tank learned a little from the experience. I will say that they managed to get better at holding aggro as the FP went on, which was very noticeable and a significant improvement.

Now, these comments are kinda old, but I never said anything about them, so:
Quote: Originally Posted by JediQuaker View Post
I would agree with this as far as OPs, PvP, and to some extent, MM FPs are concerned, but not for ordinary Veteran FPs.
You sound like the sort of person who would wear a baseball uniform and cleats to play "sand lot" softball at a company picnic. (That is based on an actual occurrence. )
Not everyone takes this game all that seriously - nor should they. I'd suggest you only do FPs with a Guild group, or a group of friends, etc. Relaxing and going with the flow doesn't seem to be something you can do.
I respectfully submit that this is based on a misreading of my post, or an interest in reading into it something that was not actually in the text of the post. It is not an accurate reflection of reality.

First thing: I'm not talking about vets, and haven't in years, because I don't run vets. They aren't fun for me. If I did run vets, I'd have no expectation that I was running with anybody who knew what s/he was doing, and would adjust my own conduct accordingly. Complaining about people who aren't good and don't talk in a vet really would be a ridiculous tryhard thing to do, which is why I don't do it.

Pug MM FPs make up the bulk of my time in-game. Most of them are perfectly fine, or at least passable. Expecting perfect competence out of anybody in the game would be silly, and I certainly do not. I...genuinely don't know where you got the rest of that nonsense. Cheating at a company baseball game? Yeah, whatever.

My complaint was directed at people who a) don't know what they're doing, b) don't tell anybody that they don't know what they're doing, and c) refuse to read explanations (or turn off chat so they don't see them). I think it's perfectly reasonable to say that these people are bad and that they waste others' time, and that they should not do that, and that it should be socially unacceptable to do it.

Look: real teachers push for something called self-advocacy. They try to get high school students to stop needing somebody to hold their hand, whether that person is the teacher or a parent. If a student needs a retake, the student asks for it. If a student thinks that the teacher got something wrong grading, the student lets the teacher know. If a student thinks s/he needs help finding additional study material, or needs additional explanation on a concept, the student asks for it. The support infrastructure is in place, and the teacher is ready to help the student in all sorts of ways, but the student needs to make the effort to use that help. The alternative is something called learned helplessness, where the student does not do anything on their own without repeated teacher help and prompts, never develops their own skills, never learns actively, and basically just sits there like a lump on a log. Learned helplessness is partially the teacher's fault, of course, because it means that the teacher has been too permissive with the student or too willing to do things for him or her.

The analogy is limited but, I think, obvious.
Quote: Originally Posted by LiesliaSau View Post
So, you can understand how to do content in group finder by doing content in group finder, but you can't do content in group finder because you don't know how, due to you never ever was a part of a group. Or, despite willing to be better, wasn't quick enough to ask how. Moreover, one is toxic now, due to social anxiety ect. Great.

I can understant this position, but as new player can't agree with it, i think.
I respectfully submit that you did not actually understand the position.

If you want to do better and follow instructions, that's awesome! It's fantastic! I run into players like that every day I queue for MM FPs. I am all about helping people to get better at the game. I like having more players in queue, and I like having better players in queue.

Obviously there's a first time for everybody in playing content, and everybody needs to learn how to do everything at some point. That's not the issue. I don't mind teaching, and I don't mind carrying. I do mind when people refuse to say that they need help. Let's walk down the decision tree:

If you're new to content and say something, you do run a bit of a risk. If you're queued with jerks, the jerks might not be willing to run with you, and you might get kicked. In my experience, the number of such jerks is pretty low, and honestly, you probably don't want to run with them anyway. On the other side of the ledger, you might learn more about the content, the rest of the group might be more patient about your mistakes or inexperience, and so on. Somebody who expresses interest in learning is more likely to make friends and have an enjoyable experience. I have had a good time being the learner, and I have had a good time being the teacher, even when wipes happen. The payoff is pretty good and the risks are low.

If you're new to content and DON'T say something, you also run a risk. The problem will probably be discovered pretty soon, especially on mechanic-heavy content. The other players will be unhappy with you for expecting a carry and for failing to let them know. They may still indulge you by trying to teach you, but they are more likely to kick you, because you created the expectation that they would be doing a quick, easy run with no derps. (This is especially the case if somebody asks "anybody not done this before?" and you do not respond.) You are more likely to end up on ignore lists, which is bad for EVERYBODY. If they do not discover your subterfuge, you basically just flail around uselessly, force the rest of the team to carry you, don't learn anything about the content, and fail to improve in any meaningful way. That's the best-case scenario. Frankly, the risks are higher and the payoff is pretty low!

I think that that is toxic.

The "wasn't quick enough" here is a total red herring, sorry. It's not like there's a thirty-second time limit for letting people know before they think they've been misled. Zone in, say hi, say something. So long as it happens at some point before the first boss or first thing you don't know, you've done everything anybody could possibly ask of you.
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09.30.2019 , 08:28 AM | #9705
My comments, and those of several other people, were based upon Veteran Mode FPs, which appeared to be the general gist of the discussion in that part of the thread.
Of course, this thread is not only about Vet mode, but GF in general. If I, or anyone else misinterpreted, your comments to be about Vet mode, that is unfortunate. I'm not going to go back through it to nit-pick. 😊

I fully agree that anyone grouping for MM content should be familiar with the FP/Uprising/OP, be at least reasonably equipped, and have some level of "L2P".
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10.09.2019 , 12:54 AM | #9706
This thread has gone awfully quiet......

I was trying to get to 300 cxp on last few toons i have left and was running fps back to back few days ago.. Got a false emperor pop and it was 3 dps me tank and it was going smoothly. mid way through before HK cut scene we were all not at 100% hp so i figured let me use music therapy item so we all get back to full health.. There was one person i think jugg? who right away ran out of the area.. I was like what, but i didn't say anything.. waited for them to heal up and we start..

After that we cleared the 4 turret and some trash group and right before the convo start i popped music probe again to top everyone up... guess what they backed out right away.

I am like is this really an issue? I asked in chat do you don't want to dance? Other dps lol'ed and they did no reply. I figured fine and didn't pop it again until the end. Last boss before cut scene i popped it again out of habit and yup, they ran out of area. I don't know, felt very weird. i have ran so many gf fps but none like this happened before.

We were all competent and cleared it fine, just found it odd.

There was also another run in cademimu vet and i zone in with my slow PC and 3 dps have zoned in already. but all waiting at start, no biggie. we say hi and move along and at first group. one person says he is new and i am like np we have good gear should be easy. it was vet and we had like 250's in group. then this other 250 dps isn't coming.

I figured we can just start and they will catch up midway, we cleared it almost in no time and they ask in chat "Why are you not losing them?"
Me being the tank in my head "since when do we need los for this trash?" I cleared it with all aggro on me and 2 dps and me cleared without me dying. so i don't see whats the big deal. I don't do los if its not gonna make something quick or easy and i think that group dies fast anyway.

Then right away the same dps asks for los on right next group. i facepalm myself and pull. We sliced the vehicle shortcut and then they asked me to los the first group which was like at this point i was like OK fine i will listen once so we los-ed that and it didn't all die so w/e.

Then they asked me to los the last but one group before boss which is at conversation area. i just went to console and grabbed far range add and rest of them swarmed me and all died in 2 secs. I mean its not even mm mode and we have dps i don't see point in los.

Another run Hammer station 3 from same guild and i zone in late as always and we kill first 2 droids. They say los. i am like ok but not really needed. we clear right group then los again which is fine. then yes, los again on the next group which is hardly needed for los. i was kinda in hurry as i needed to leave for work in 20 mins which is my fault accidental click on accept as its rare to get mm pop on dps lol.. oh well. so i move ahead on my op and get behind the adds and they do los. it was all bunched up and turned around i figured they will engage and i hit 1 mob. nope they want it to run further and turn again to the room like U shape reverse instead of L which what i thought.. i stealthed out at like 5% hp and the healer/tank blame for pulling before tank..

Healer: Don't pull before tank
Me: I didn't pull if you notice.
Healer: But you did hit them first
Me: *Notices/remembers all 3 are same guild* don't want to get kicked so i don't reply anything because nobody died and its not like i get mm fp often on dps these days and we clear everything with always me ahead and some los but eh at that point i figured we would be los-ing everything anyway. 5 mins late to work but it works i guess. at the end i said you can dodge tank sweeping gunfire if you just move past him.. healer: We know.

Me in my head, good then since tank never did move and healer healed overtime but hey if its your thing i should have stayed quiet maybe you are practicing. said thanks and quit.

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10.09.2019 , 05:30 AM | #9707
Quote: Originally Posted by Deadlynits View Post
at the end i said you can dodge tank sweeping gunfire if you just move past him.. healer: We know.
I don't know how many times I've whispered that to a tank that didn't move out of the gunfire, but 99% of the times they say "I know". One odd % says "thanks, didn't know, will do next time". I mean seriously, if people DO know it, why are they taking all the extra damage when they don't need to? And how hard it is to say "I didn't know" when they clerly didn't. Take the advice, don't lie that "you know". Because I'm getting to a point where I'm not gonna bother to help anyone anymore since they all already know everything, but still do it wrong.

Same thing with EC minefield turrets; I keep telling people to leave one up so we don't get more, but they still kill them. Then I explain why we need to leave one up, they say "I know, but they die so fast". Yes they do, however the boss dies much slower, new turrets will spawn, and so on. So yeah, they didn't know, because only stupid people would kill all the turrets if they "know" how they work. Using lame excuses instead of admitting a mistake, or thanking for the advice makes me not want to raid with them again, not even SM.

I don't mind newcomers in groups at all, but I do mind if they don't listen. I'm getting tired of wasting my time telling about the mechanics when people simply don't care, or don't want learn. With 6.0 though, I don't have to worry about that anymore, since I won't be pugging any SM ops without a chance to get a lockout if the group fails.

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10.09.2019 , 06:01 AM | #9708
Quote: Originally Posted by DeannaVoyager View Post
With 6.0 though, I don't have to worry about that anymore, since I won't be pugging any SM ops without a chance to get a lockout if the group fails.
wait what? You mean you cant get lockout if your group disbands? wouldn't that let you farm one boss multiple times? or am i understanding wrong lol

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10.09.2019 , 07:13 AM | #9709
There will still be lockouts for HM and NiM, but not SM. So it will be nothing but KP and EV pug groups, over and over again. I'm hoping they will change their mind though, but we'll see.

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10.09.2019 , 09:34 AM | #9710
Quote: Originally Posted by Deadlynits View Post
I am like is this really an issue? I asked in chat do you don't want to dance?
This isn't odd, I don't like any toys that let other people force my character to do things. Up to and including the 'rally' ability.

If you want to dance go for it, but I think it's rude to use things that affect other characters. I know they are in the game, so don't call anyone out for using them, but I will move out of the area or jump on a speeder to make it stop, and that is MY right to do.
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