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PTS Phase 2 Loot Acquisition Feedback (Newest Patch)

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PTS Phase 2 Loot Acquisition Feedback (Newest Patch)
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EricMusco's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 11:54 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey folks,

Making a new feedback thread based on all of the changes we have made with the newest patch. Please ensure you have played hands-on PTS with the new patch before providing feedback as things have changed.
  • Does acquiring gear feel too fast? Too slow?
  • Do you understand what to do to get gear?
  • How do you feel about the primary sources of getting gear? (playing content and Missions)
  • How do you feel about the contribution of the supplementary systems? (vendors, crafting, Renown)
Remember that for gear acquisition we want you to focus on Hammer Station or Karagga's Palace on any difficulty and the Onderon Dailies.

Eric Musco | Community Manager
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SteveTheCynic's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 12:54 PM | #2
I had an *empty* Renown Crate, so the rate of gear acquisition from that was zero.

And another with only a pair of actually empty-shell gloves, so the rate from that was pretty pathetic, too.
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Balameb's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 01:32 PM | #3
I tested a little the RNG box merchant i don't see anything better (well, except that gloves and belt works).
I have 278 rating, 276 being the lowest item rating and i still get 270 gear:
Some you can see in the image, but just before that particular offhand lightsaber, in my SENTINEL i got also:
272 generator
272 vibroknife
272 skattergun
278 focus

Seems like nothing changed. The tooltip still says that box item is tailer for active discipline.

And disintegration does not look like giving more tech fragments, just the same.

Tried the mod box. It gives 4 rng items. While i'm 278 rating, 50%+ was still green garbage.

edit: corrected the amount of items per Mod box.
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Flying-Brian's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 02:50 PM | #4
How do you feel about the contribution of the supplementary systems?
I tried out the new random mod box, I bought 52 boxes (so about 12k total tech fragments, 3k at a time for 13 boxes).

Out of those 52 boxes (my gear was at I-rating 306 when buying all of them), I did not get a single rating 306 item that was usable for my character (merc dps). Buy usable I mean the non-letter, correct stat version, of any armoring, mod, enhancement, or barrel. Also over 1/2 of the drops were tanking mods, which again are useless.

It was a nice attempt, since each box has 4 mod items in them, but overall it was totaly worthless.

If I played RNG roulette with the Kai vendor, I would have been at least able to eventually pull 8 mods with the correct stats for the same amount of tech fragments.

The RNG needs to go. There needs to be a direct patch to obtain set bonus gear and the correct mods that does not involve RNG.

cibacrome's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 04:45 PM | #5
Haven't tried the mod vendor yet, but I have solo run a LOT of Hammer Station vets today and here's what I think so far...

Big improvement to the loot drops, but still not on point. I have definitely noticed an increase in the amount of drops, and the irating of drops are more in line with what my impression of devs' idea of gear progress is.

However, there are still far too many trash gear drops. 2nd boss is the worst about this, consistently dropping 4 or 5 items well below my current lowest level of gear (in recent attempts lowest gear is 300, 5 items dropped at 294). But there's also ZERO excuse for last boss dropping items below my current ilevel, that needs to be tightened up.

I also do not think I should be getting ANY tank gear/mods when running dps. Let my tank get tank gear, my dps get dps gear, etc... we all expect to run our alts to gear them, it just makes more sense. and will reduce the amount of frustration experienced during the gear leveling process.

I don't believe your goal of bad RNG reduction has yet been reached, but today's patch is a noticeable step in the right direction, at least for Hammer Station Vet.

Now my biggest concern is moddable gear - I'm getting almost none, and I'm at gold level. I'm getting some mods, but not nearly enough of what I need - i'm getting 50% defensive stat drops, that's just sucking way too much out of my useable pool for moddable gear.

When will the moddable gear drop? And from where? How about set bonus? You have far too many set bonus gears to count on RNG to get a full set. Unless your RNG reduction algorithm takes into account the bonus gear I'm wearing, I feel like this is going to turn into an interminable grind. Fact is, I still feel like Kai Zykken is a better option than waiting for RNGeezus to grant me a set of 4 or 6 armors out of such a HUGE pool of drops, and then there's the mods. The fact that mods drop with lower iratings than the garbage unmoddable gear that's clogging my inentory is disheartening.

Either fix this, or put in a vendor that actually sells items we want, not more garbage stuffed behind RNG.

Your customers have spoken with a fairly overwhelming bias against RNG. I get that some of that is intrinsic to MMO design, but there is still far too much, and other than irating, there is nothing showing me ANY hope for a path to getting the gear I actually want, gear that is BETTER than what I have in 5.10 (258 min/max'd with set bonus).

omaan's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 06:17 PM | #6
I can't mix/max my stats for pvp at all. And for pvp mix/maxing is very important. I also feel that pvp isn't a fsst source of getting best gear and it should be since pvp players including me wont stay for long if we become weaker due to lack of best gear

Lexaud's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 06:36 PM | #7
Still a bug where mods are not giving any stats while in the shells.

AwesomeTacoCat's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 06:49 PM | #8
Why do the developers think we want RNG gearing? Itís not exciting. Itís frustrating. End of story. Do a damn poll of the players to see how many people want RNG based gearing. If a majority want it, you can come find me and make me eat my socks.

LJ_Gibbs's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 07:23 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by AwesomeTacoCat View Post
Why do the developers think we want RNG gearing? Itís not exciting. Itís frustrating. End of story. Do a damn poll of the players to see how many people want RNG based gearing. If a majority want it, you can come find me and make me eat my socks.
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Darev's Avatar

09.05.2019 , 07:31 PM | #10
I group run of Vet Hammer Station: Merc in full 306 gear:
Each boss dropped 3-4 pieces of loot that were "legendary"
Item ratings ranged from 300 - 306. a SINGLE 306. Was only looking for the rating number, didn't look at if it was for arsenal merc or not.

Then I bought 120 random item boxes from Tarkanna on Fleet.

out of those 120 random boxes from takanna....Merc wearing full 306 gear....

I got:

3x 306 pistols
1x 306 boots
3x 306 legs
1x 306 chest
4x 306 gloves
3x 306 bracers
1x 306 belt
1x 306 helmet
4x 306 relics (1 tank)
3x 306 earpieces
2x 306 implants

That's just about 22% drop rate for an equivalent item rating.

I also tried the Kai Zaikenn vendor. I only tried to get 20 pieces, NONE were full 306.
Then I stopped.

RNG still sucks.
It is not the gearing method the players want.
Tune the numbers all you want, the only way to make happy players is to give us SOMETHING that has zero reliance on RNG.

When you do, THAT's what we'll use.
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