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Gearing: Suggestions for the future

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Gearing: Suggestions for the future

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01.22.2019 , 03:01 PM | #1
I'm not around much lately, but decided to write a thread about my suggestions about gearing for both near and more long-term future, as this topic is the main reason I barely play anymore.

The current masterwork crystal gear system has a lot of issues with it, particularly pertaining to pvp, and especially unranked/warzones pvp.

Current problems

  • A long/complex gear grind causes excessive imbalance in pvp, as those who get gear fast will be ahead much longer and further, and those who get gear slow, will be behind much longer and further. A lot of players also choose to opt out of the current gearing altogether. Bolster is at 252, and there is about 10% stat difference between 252 and 258; this is not insignificant in pvp. Pvp is supposed to mainly about skill.

  • To gear up most efficiently with this current system, one has to do certain forms of content. Not everyone enjoys all forms of content. Pvpers need the gear in order to be competitive in pvp, but have to do pve content to get it most efficiently. (Killing world bosses and doing the daily Ossus mission weekly seem to be the easiest ways.) Seasoned ranked arena players at least have access to reputation and a masterwork mission from their preferred content, but unranked/warzone players do not have anything such. The time-limited rotating weekly mission is of course also problematic in this regard.

    Getting the gear by UCs alone would take about 30 weeks (39 crystals for 258s, 24 for 252s = 63, 2 crystals per week => 32 weeks + assuming the rare usable 252 crate drop). And that's assuming one has enough UCs every week for 30 weeks.

    Trying out content one doesn't usually do can be nice, but being forced to farm it in order to become competitive at the content one does enjoy is not and in many cases has the opposite effect.

Solutions to current problems

  • Make Ossus reputation attainable from unranked warzone missions.
  • Reduce (revert) the amount of ranked arena matches needed for the weekly/daily missions.
  • Add a certain number of unranked warzones as a possible "either or" objective to the weekly masterwork crystal mission.
  • Reduce the crystal costs of the 252/258 gear, or increase amount of crystals gained from mission rewards, or make all the objectives of the time-limited weekly mission always available as "either or".
  • Increase drop rate of 252 gear crates from command crates.
  • Make 258 gear pieces buyable with 252 gear pieces of the same slot but any type (e.g. a 258 Crit Implant for a 252 Alacrity Implant, or a sorc healer armour piece for a merc dmg armour piece) as it is for the command tier gear.

  • If getting players to play varied content is an issue, there can instead be more info, maybe in the form of loading screen tips, or events, informing players about the possibilities and how-to of various content, instead of locking necessary gear behind it. There can be missions offering cosmetic rewards from doing certain content.

Suggestions for the future (6.0)

I believe the best gearing system would be one similar to the 4.0 system:

  • Implement pvp gear with expertise. Make it, along with corresponding mods/enhs, buyable with pvp commendations (cheap). Pvp commendations would be obtained like in 4.0.

  • Implement special cosmetics (decorations, toys, emotes, armour/weapon appearances etc) additionally obtainable for pvp commendations (expensive).

  • Option A: If possible, tweak expertise such that players in high tier pve gear are still viable in pvp. As bolster should be set at or slightly below the item lvl of pvp gear to allow min-maxing in pvp, any (pve) gear with higher ilvl than that would get bolstered to increasingly less expertise. To avoid players with high tier pve gear being very weak due to very little expertise, the strength of the expertise stat should be slightly weaker than in previous installments, or the expertise bolstering of above-bolster gear slightly less punishing. Not too much, to avoid high tier pve gear becoming stronger than pvp gear.

  • Option B: Implement gear setup slots, similar to outfit slots, where players can save different gear setups and swap between them with the click of a button. This would be helpful for players who do both pvp and pve, and for those who play multiple roles.

This system would minimise gear imbalance in pvp, making it mostly about skill, and would not force pvpers into pve or vice versa. One would get pvp gear from pvp, and pve gear from pve, with a much longer gear progression in pve. Pveers could easily join for occasional pvp if they wanted, and pvp gear would be very affordable for anyone. There would be a reward progression for pvp, mostly in the form of cosmetics. This should also bring more life to lowbi/midbi pvp due to commendations being earned there too.

(Why not just set bolster to the max pve ilvl and forego any pvp gear?
Because due to the way bolster works, players in high tier pve gear would then have an advantage from their stats being better optimised.)