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Slow Loading Time on Alderaan

JScranton's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 11:31 PM | #1
I know others have posted it, and I'm sure that some are experiencing it due to the hardware they have, but please, look at mine:

CPU : 8 core AMD 3.1Ghz Processor
OS : Windows 7 Professional
HDD : Agility 3 Solid State Drive (120 GB with OS, SWTOR, Chrome and ESET only!)
Memory : 16GB
Graphics : Radeon 4850 512MB (this is probably my lowest stat here, the video card I want was out of stock currently)

Anyhow, when I enter Alderaan from my ship, or return from Warzones, the load time on this zone is horrible. It takes several minutes, and at times, it seems to stall. I have a G15 keyboard, so I can see that my memory is only at 35%, CPU is at 20%, and the HDD is not loading during this whole time (and even if it were, by today's standards, it's a FAST solid state drive).

So, I'm not getting why the load time is so long on this planet? Other planets, space station, ship, etc. are a few seconds for me to load....Could it be that this planet is just too big? Or is the game not taking full advantage of my hardware that I have there?

Note, I also play on custom settings, that are lower than the lowest settings, due to my graphics card. I average over 30 fps and the loading screen is stationary, so not much graphic activity there, so I VERY much doubt that's the issue.

Any information on what's up with this planet would be greatly appreciated.

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12.30.2011 , 08:46 AM | #2
Update: As odd as this is, it may be the video card after all? I checked with my brother, and he's got a very similar system to mine, except that he has a Radeon 6000 series (I forget the exact model number), and he doesn't have this issue. He has a slower SDD, and 8GB of memory with 6 core processor, so oddly enough it may be the video card.

If this is the case, my video, although not on par with the rest of my system, DEFINITELY exceeds the minimum reqs for the game, I cannot imagine how slow this must be for someone who has an older card with only 256MB, or even worse, on board video...

Why, I'm wondering, at 25% of the loading in the planet, would it start to render the landscape, if this is actually the problem?

Tailmonkey's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 12:07 AM | #3
Alderaan takes longer to load because it's fragmented. House Organa needs to run it's Defrag.