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Can't complete bounty hunter quest:

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Can't complete bounty hunter quest:
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AtheonGisan's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 11:59 PM | #1
I'm on the bounty hunter quest: "For Honor or Glory". I'm on the part that states "Meet the Mandalorians in the Taris Space Port". I go to the space port to talk to Torian Cadera, and the only thing that happens is the speech bubble over my head is displaying dots. Anyone having similar issues? Is there a workaround? Please help!

Kindajenin's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 12:06 AM | #2 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Greetings AtheonGisan,

I am very sorry to hear you are having an issue with your class quest.

I will ask you to submit a ticket to our in game support.

They will help you resolve this matter.

Thank you for contacting us.