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Augments and kits vendor hidden requirement?

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Augments and kits vendor hidden requirement?
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10.14.2018 , 04:16 AM | #1
Hello there,

I jumped onto the PTS, headed over to Odessen and wanted to upgrade the gear on a character I had copied over on a previous PTS cycle (see 5.9.3). when I came to the augments and the repective kits, the vender wouldn't sell due to not meeting the requirements for the item. My character is lvl 70, what other requirement is there needed?

I created a new toon and upgraded it with the terminal on odessen but I have the same result...
the vendor for augments is being pesky.


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10.14.2018 , 12:57 PM | #2
I am having the same problem. I cannot buy augments or kits on the pts. I get the "you do not meet the requirements" error when I try to use the vendor.

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10.14.2018 , 03:06 PM | #3
This bug is also occurring with the mods and enhancements vendor
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10.15.2018 , 10:25 AM | #4 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey folks,

The team is aware of the issues with those vendors and are looking to address them with the next PTS patch. That should happen this week.

Eric Musco | Community Manager
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