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RISHI Stronghold - Feedback

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07.09.2018 , 06:00 AM | #1

I wish to thank the team who designed the stronghold. It is very evident that a lot of thought was put in to creating a stronghold that players would love, and players would actually use for various activities, albeit the focus was PvP. I love the aesthetics, and do not share the disappointment of others who alluded to an island getaway -- I felt like I was on Rishi ( and I believe that was the intention). I especially love the ship. Thank you BW - it is my opinion that this is the best stronghold that you have so far ( literally a private island).

I will keep my feedback based on what I think should be improved vs saying oh I love this or what-not because it will just make the post too long. So, don't take it that I did not like anything about the SH, I am just choosing to limit my feedback to stuff that I would love to see added/removed/improved.


This section is based on personal preference, and thought it best to preface my feedback. I would love if the consoles, on the spawn platform, have labels so I can readily identify which console will take me to my ship/fleet/planet vs which console will replay the cut-scene or port me to other areas. Also, the console for the Skydeck was practically invisible. I would have missed it altogether, if it wasn't showing that I had 10/11 sections unlocked. The Stronghold is giganitc so I would have preferred more quick-travel points, and a better map-- maybe a "global map" and mini maps for the specific areas.

The Hideout

I like the fact that the first area is a pvp area so that for small group PvP activities, there is no need to travel a great distance or have difficulty in organizing people, etc. The issue here is the viewing platform. The angle of elevation is not very good for viewing a match properly. I am not sure how this can be rectified. I am thinking about players who might stream these activities and I don't see how they can actually video the action without being in the actual fight area ( which is not cool). Also, I would give control of activating/deactivating the gates to the stronghold owner, and also give him/her the ability to assign control to invited guests, similar to how we can assign ops role; because, people can really mess up a match if just anyone can control the gates.

I think that you should add hooks to the exterior of buildings. the decoration hooks seemed parse, even on the beach area. There is really not much places you can put stuff ( where do I put my republic flags?). Also put a warning sign on elevated platforms that alerts the owner that they are at an exhaustion zone ( so if you fall you die --- not needed for the ship).

Cove Expansion

The issue again is hooks. You can't decorate the passageways, most of the exterior and there are no ceiling hooks for lights. I have no issues with the design, the principal issue is flexibility in decor. It would seem that everyone's Rishi Stronghold will look essentially the same. The cave is too small and no insects?

The Patrol Carrier

Same issue as most have stated: The Captain's quarters is too small. It would be nice to have an outer area (sitting room?) then the bedroom area. Also, since this is a ship, it would be nice if it has the default Captain's locker (cargo hold), the legacy unlocks for legacy cargo hold, GTN, guild bank. I don't particularly like the overall design of the ship ( how it looks inside). Plus there is no navigation station ( or I missed it). It would be nice to have the deck set up like an actual flagship, and place our comps at the various stations by default , wit h the options to move them around. Also have a captains chair that we can interact with, similar to our actual start-ship, that zooms into first-person view, so we can have the illusion of piloting the ship.

The Skydeck

Would be nice to have a few gun ships that you can interact with. For some reason , I don't like the hook placements.

Also the huttball area should be designed like the actual huttball arena. I think default fire pits and acid traps and a generic move-able platform should be put in there. Gate control should be only accessible to the owner or someone with a (gold key?) Also, IDK about spectators, when the area is decorated with stuff how they gonna see the action? there should be a raised platform with a specific camera angel for first person viewing that gives a decent view of whats is happening.

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07.09.2018 , 07:16 AM | #2
I borrowed some images from Dulfy to highlight some things I've found off and didn't make sense to me.

Sanctuary load in area is a landing pad, right? I mean how else would we get here? I appreciate the center piece hook, however wouldn't a star ship hook be more appropriate?

Also there are so many Fake Rooms. In the starting area alone are 5. Open them up so we can use them.
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07.09.2018 , 10:07 AM | #3
Some suggestions here since they will get lost in the other thread.

- I would love to be able to load directly into the ship when I enter the stronghold. Maybe actually add the stronghold twice? One version loading to the patrol carrier, the other to the village? Could be even one with PVP active one with PVP disabled.

- A major annoyance are the PVP areas that dismount you and unsummon companions (and when you leave resummon them even if they weren't out.) How about disabling the PVP zones while there is only one player in the stronghold?

-The huttball arena should be large enough for a normal-sized starship (i.e. the size they have in your hangars on fleet and planets), so why not add new 1:1 starship models for the new hook as an alternative to the Huttball layout?

- Failing that, add some more options to break down the arena-hook, like two corners with starship hooks and the other two with the centerpiece/large/medium layouts a starship hook can be broken down to.
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07.10.2018 , 08:21 AM | #4
Some hook issues in the patrol carrier:

Many hooks are too high +

Too much free space in the hallways and odd placement of the sole carpet-hook.

I'd really like small hooks here, perhaps even medium narrow?
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07.10.2018 , 08:36 PM | #5

Might be best to keep the feedback in one forum post.
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07.18.2018 , 08:48 AM | #6
Still fantasizing about turning the carrier into my very own Port Nowhere...

Can we have a medium hook in this corner (as well as the other side of the room) so we can place a GTN kiosk there?

So much empty space in front of doors, let us place a guard or potted plant there. Same for the walls, how about at least some small wall hooks?

Plenty of free space in those niches. I can even place couches there using the big hook, but if there actually were medium narrow hooks in the niches (where the couches are) I could use the large+9x small layout to place NPCs.
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07.18.2018 , 09:54 AM | #7
I really wish they'd given us a better building. Those round silo-like rooms are just boring. They're a big, sound space without windows, limited hooks, and are pretty much the same thing repeated over and over, with variations in the ceilings, ie some are open up top.

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07.20.2018 , 05:17 PM | #8
I plan to make my stronghold open to all, then hide in stealth. In the opening PVP area, I'll put a GTN and other terminals in the middle of it. Once unsuspecting people start to check things out, I'll pounce.
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