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Planned Warzone Changes

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Planned Warzone Changes
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05.30.2018 , 10:57 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by kissingaiur View Post
No, it happens in every node map. People flinging their body on a node to stop it from being capped then dying instantly but stalling enough for the next person to leap in and do the same. The only reason you can’t cap it is because of synced respawns. That is what is called “tactical dying”, where you are slaughtering the other team and just because of respawns you can never cap. Being “objectively rewarded” for being slaughtered should never be a good tactical objective in any pvp map. Tactical dying has 0 skill involved. If the game just make kills part of the objective in node maps like civil war, 10 min long stalemates could actually end faster. Warzones needs to punish players for poor plays, that’s why taking away points on all node maps for deaths is a great idea.
Eh i wouldnt call that tsctical dying personally, thats just playing objectives. If you want kill farming where the focus is entirely on kills, go play arenas.

I honestly dont have an issue even with the hypergate thing i mentioned. Think smarter not harder

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05.30.2018 , 10:59 AM | #42
Wow, you're going to have deaths actually matter in another map. The people who can't push buttons correctly are going to throw a fit.

I'm all for this.

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05.30.2018 , 11:00 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Rafiknoll View Post
Sounds fair but attackers who stand as leap-targets are far more stupid than defenders who do so because they aren't in "waiting mode" and should be actively trying to extend the bridge, so they deserve what they get

Stealthers who jump the attackers can still wait near the forcefielded far door until the bridge is down. If the enemies are dumb they won't look at the far door that soon, if the enemy isn't dumb, it wouldn't work anyway.
Don't forget though that defenders who can teleport to friendlies can use that to get "back in the fight" even if no attackers are foolish enough to stand on the edge. I've seen nearly endless fights at the bridge, because the defenders had a lot of juggers and operatives who had friendly-leap abilities. Also sorc friendly pull.

It's easier for defenders to get back across, because their own team can help them.
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05.30.2018 , 11:03 AM | #44
so by "hacking" do they really mean this ???
if they do then BW has once again shown how incompetent they are.
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05.30.2018 , 11:13 AM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by Mubrak View Post
Right below your minimap?
That the PVP instances are the places where you can do your dailies in peace, without having to compete for quest objectives with other players, shows how popular WorldPVP really is.

Or are you asking for same-faction PVP? Yes, that's limited to outlaw's den and southwestern quarter of the Ilum map.
Wow! You have no clue. You want to PvP....'in peace'. Never leave bolstered content.

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05.30.2018 , 11:15 AM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

The goals of these changes are:
  • To shorten the average time of our Warzones to be around 12 minutes. We have a few WZs that are taking quite a bit longer than that currently.
  • We have some WZs that are exploitable due to environment hacking, we want to fix that.
Eric, you have my full approval for ALL the changes you mentioned in your OP!

The time factor is one of the main reasons for me why I often decide to not queue at all.

I would even like it if you lower the time to 10 minutes!
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05.30.2018 , 11:20 AM | #47 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Quote: Originally Posted by Mycroft-Tarkin View Post
If you die by keeping at least more than one player busy with you for a while then you ARE contributing. Know that somewhere your team has a numbers advantage and will likely clear the enemies there faster because of you

But yeah I can see this not going down too well. We already have premades who just farm kills without capping anything. At least they used to let the other team have the pleasure of winning in most cases. Now, farming kills will simply give them a win unless the other team is somehow 3-capped.
Just to set some context on kills being worth points. Based on the way that it is balanced in the changes above, holding two points is absolutely the way you need to win. Ex: if one team is holding two points, the other is holding one and trying to farm kills, the team with two points will still win.

Kills being worth points will help accelerate the map and to differentiate it from Alderaan. It is not setup as a new strategy to win. Now, all of this is based on current gameplay data from the Warzone. If these changes somehow dramatically shift how people play Yavin, then things could change. Again, based on our data, killing players is still not going to be a viable strategy to win this Warzone!

Eric Musco | Community Manager
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05.30.2018 , 11:21 AM | #48 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Quote: Originally Posted by Rockula View Post
Hey devs!
Will the matchmaking changes also be a part of the first round of PVP changes?

From the summer roadmap:
>We’re taking an in-depth look at our unranked PvP matchmaking system overall to see what kinds of improvements we can make to better ensure every match is a good one.

Some of the WZ changes will be bad with crappy matchmaking.
Based on the current schedule, matchmaking changes and the above Warzone changes will happen at the same time.

Details on the matchmaking changes will come in a future post.

Eric Musco | Community Manager
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05.30.2018 , 11:30 AM | #49
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Based on the current schedule, matchmaking changes and the above Warzone changes will happen at the same time.

Details on the matchmaking changes will come in a future post.

Define "future" - a day? Week? Month? Year?

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05.30.2018 , 11:31 AM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by RACATW View Post

If I can't get to someone and then knock them off the ledge and charge over to the door plant the bomb and feel like a hero, why not just put a force field completely across that area?

I thought it was open for a reason. Clarity about that would be nice.
Guys, I think you are misunderstanding what Eric wrote about hack.
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

Forcefields are now blocking the reactor room doors until the bridges are extended]Characters who hack their way into the last two rooms of the Warzone before the bridge has been extended or the forcefield is down will be killed
He isn’t talking about the bridge or leaping or holotraversing across. What he is talking about are actual hackers who go through the doors without them being capped, then fly across the bridges and through those doors to get to the reactor room, which is the last set of doors.
By making it so they can’t get to the reactor room at all till the bridges are down, it helps negate that practice.
Obviously the best solution is for every door to have a forcefield that kills you if you pass through it and the door before hasn’t been opened.
This approach with the bridges seems like a bandaid and not a fix.