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DPS Dirty Fighting Rotation

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05.12.2018 , 09:53 AM | #1
Does anyone know where theres a good guide for a Dirty fighting rotation! found one for Virulence sniper but finding it hard to translate

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05.12.2018 , 10:58 AM | #2
Here’s a good easy rotation to start out with

Quote: Originally Posted by Equeliber View Post
OPENER: Precast XS Freighter->Dirty Blast->Vital Shot->Shrap Bomb->Hemorrhaging Blast->Wounding Shots->
Block 1: (Quickdraw->Dirty Blastx3->Wounding Shots)->
Block 2: (Quickdraw->Speed Shot->Hemorrhaging Blast->Wounding Shots)->
Block 3: (Quickdraw->Vital Shot->Shrap Bomb->Filler->Wounding Shots)->

Rotation goes like this: Opener->Block 1-> Block 2 -> Block 3 -> Block 2 -> Block 1 -> Block 3 -> repeat from first Block 1.

Filler is: Hemorrhaging Blast if available > Roll if possible but not recommended if not on dummy > Flurry of Bolts > Dirty Blast if tons of energy.
Since this was said before the changes to energy a while back, in block 1 where it says dirty blast x3, just replace one of the dirty blasts with a flurry of bolts with for every block 1 and you won’t run out of energy.
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