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[BUG] Maraduer

Nightsmoke's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 04:47 PM | #1
Some of my Maraduer skills its shows me doing this action, but it really doesn't do it. Like at times I can do 3 Ravages in a row or 2 Force Chokes before it really hits whomever I am targetting. The Maraduer hand can be in the air and the channel bar for force choke will be counting down, but whomever I am targetting is still running around. I can do this skill again right after it finish channeling and then next time I will pick the person up and they start taking damage.

Also, I haven't seen force kick pop up while I am pvping. I know the skill works because during pve I can slow a target and get the move off, but during pvp when I slow someone I never see the skill light up.

Believe its not fun taking damage while I am damaging the air. Hope this is fixed soon.