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Broken skills since update 5.8

warzazat's Avatar

03.22.2018 , 05:12 AM | #1
Hi everyone

I have a gunslinger and use the sharpshooter tree

As some might know the Sharshooter tree eventually gives the skill Trickshot that gets activated by Aimed Shot, Penetrating rounds, Quickdraw and a last one I can't remember

Since the latest update, I've encountered quite a problematic issue.

Of all these skills, Aimed shot and Quickdraw don't activate my Trickshot.

Even worse, if I have Trick shot AND Quickdraw useable at the same time but use Quickdraw first, then Trick Shot greys out and can't be used anymore

I haven't met a gunslinger with the same problem

Also, and it might be related to the above problem, Neither Aimed Shot and Quickdraw have no sound, no visual effects (my toon stands to shoot but no shot seem to be fired) and while they do hit the target, the damage number doesn't appear

please help... this SERIOUSLY cuts down my DPS
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03.24.2018 , 08:41 AM | #2
I just tested it on my slinger and yeah, I don't have this issue... Really don't know why would you personally have something like this. If it's client side as it seems to be, you could try repairing the game files or just completely reinstalling if you can spare the time for that.
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