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idea "space ship, companions, space envirement"

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idea "space ship, companions, space envirement"

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02.16.2018 , 01:49 PM | #1
maybe discussed before
but what I like to see is something like this

as a class the option to swap your ship for another one

can be between the existing models jedi flying a mantis
updated versions mantis 2.0, 3.0 etc..
or both

once a ship selected you have posts inside
these post can be filled with crew members
this can be a system on its own , like you need enough influence to kite them on board

when a companion takes a seat it will have effects on your ships performance like the modules do
so it can be that mako is great at the cannons but doesn't help as good repairing any damage.

as for space it self
asking for a clone of the game "eve online" is way to much
but it be nice to have a similar approach on exploring, navigating and pve / pvp combat
it is after all star wars ... war amongst the stars

and mby adding a bit more variation to the modules
for example giving

armormech the option to make the best armor plates
biochem the option to make automated bacta dispencers improving the crews stamina
armstech the option to make the best weapons
cybertech to specialize in electronics, shielding, repair systems, electronic warfare
artifice for making power crystals to boost the ships energy output
synthweaving for making replacing the ships armor with a lighter version (think of how carbon and keflar work)

anyhows a tall wish
anyone else?