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Can't see/place decorations

Srs_Gewie's Avatar

01.27.2018 , 03:13 AM | #1
For some reason, any hook I right click on shows no available decorations, even after I reset the room, what gives?

Estelindis's Avatar

01.27.2018 , 04:39 AM | #2
Sometimes only a small number or no decorations will show in the list unless you type a single letter into the filter and then backspace it. I don't know why... I guess it's a bug with the filter?
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GorillaBWH's Avatar

01.27.2018 , 11:08 AM | #3
Make sure you are on "available" and that you are on a plate the is large enough for the item you are looking for. Make sure you have the category correct as well. Hope this helps!