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Medals and Chirping

KrullD's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 05:17 AM | #1
I was interested in finding a list for these because I only know of one so far.

When you land an Ace Medal, your Co-Pilot will give you a unique Chirp notifying you of your success on your 5th kill.
"No need to brag Master..." HK-51

Are there other medals that proc these kinds of Chirps in the match?

XhrisShan's Avatar

01.14.2018 , 02:54 AM | #2
Ashy says "You beat my record!"
Edit: He might also say "Huh, on a bit of a roll."
Edit 2: Got an Ace medal and Kendra Novar said "Ooh! Keep it up!" I feel as though she also says that at other times, though I could be wrong.
Edit 3: Iresso has 2 Ace quotes; one is "Great shooting!" and I forgot the other
Edit 4: The other Iresso ace chirp is "Set 'em up, knock 'em down!"
Edit 5: Iresso has a third Ace chirp but i forgot to record it
Edit 6: It's "That's how it's done!"
Edit 7: One of Salana Rok's Ace chirps is "Hahaha! I love this job."
Edit 8: One of Quinn's is "Another kill", and I think another is "Tremendous shooting"
Edit 9: Salana can also say "Now we're getting somewhere"
Edit 10: Blizz says "Boss teach Blizz to fly like this?"
Edit 11: Aven Geth's Ace chirp is "When you're on, you're on." and Writch Hurley's is "You know, you're pretty good." Also if you're taking damage Writch can say "Tell Darth Acina I love her" which I thought was funny

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01.18.2018 , 12:08 PM | #3
Is there a list anywhere of all the Chirps?

I was kinda wondering if certain ones give different warnings when flying.