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[Biochem] Endgame Medpacks

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[Biochem] Endgame Medpacks

Bookworm_Jedi's Avatar

01.16.2018 , 11:15 PM | #1
Gonna pick up biochem for my new vigil knight. Having gotten through 2 SM Op's, DF, and KP respectively, can you still use medpacks on ops?

I did a quick scan last night on my sever (Shan) on the GTN, and medpacks, especially endgame ones don't seem to be selling at all.

not even for HM OP's or FP's?

Semiramis's Avatar

01.17.2018 , 01:09 AM | #2
Its because everyone who is actually raiding uses biochem as a craftingskill themself so they can use the "golden" unlimited medpacks. So they need these packs only for their alts and can produce them easily. No need to buy them in the GTN.

Vercundus's Avatar

01.17.2018 , 03:33 AM | #3
Probably people got them when they were released and now the market is empty. Try asking in general chat if someone can craft them for you, that shouldn't be a problem.