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Class Thoughts and Ideas Welcome

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Class Thoughts and Ideas Welcome

Kalirs's Avatar

01.08.2018 , 11:13 AM | #1
One year of no SWTOR has led me here... I am sure many of you can guess where I am already going with this thread; I need class help/talk. Let me give you a short background and thought on my history and thoughts on classes.

When I first got the game as it came out, I figured everyone is going to play a force-based class because it is Star Wars and why not, right? Instead, they gave me an option to play as a bounty hunter. Thank the heavens I can be a Fett! Sadly, the bounty hunter story started as this Great Hunt, which I could care less about, so I was given to the becoming a sith sorc. I may have tried the sin, but it was slightly too squishy/technical for my needs. I eventually leveled up my sorc and had quit the game due to time and money. (Who cares about some random agent or a generic sith warrior?...I was wrong.)

When I came back a first time, I played a bit of my sorc and tried my merc again, but they were not what I wanted in a class. The sorc perhaps, but it was missing more lightsaber use....and I still disliked the sin. I ventured to try out the agent and become a sniper, and while I enjoyed the MM sniper heavily!...I got bored sitting behind cover until I was focused hard by any smart players in PVP. I was last to try the "generic" sith warrior, and (you know what?) I think that is my favorite class to play as well as one of my favorite stories as far as a veng jugg. I also tried the concealment op, but I feel that the "lolz" you get from it are outweighed by nerfs done to the class. Ultimately, due to time and money, I quit the game once or twice before coming back to veng jugg -- and enjoying it -- quit again, and HERE I AM!

Forgive my life story, as I am quickly (and possibly poorly) trying for you, the readers, to get an idea on my past ideas of classes. But, now, as I look through the forums, I hear mister skank tank is the only way to go in PVP to "do well" for juggs. I hear in unranked that veng jugg is still good, but it is outmatched ultimately by the skank tank/DPS tank. I do remember enjoying the sniper, but I can not tell you how much I don't miss sitting behind cover...perhaps I should try it again. Anyway, enough talk about my feelings and how I should see someone to talk to about my SWTOR life. Here is what I am interested in for a class: single target DPS....or...single target/small group annoyance. Perhaps the veng jugg spike in DPS as well as being tanky made me love the class, as well as the MM sniper for single target DPS, but let me list my ideas on possible classes.

Veng Jugg - good/best hybrid class, but not what it used to be in the DPS category
DPS Immortal Jugg - good/best hybrid loadout, but more AoE than single target
Fury Mara - great DPS, but more AoE than single target
Carnage Mara - great single target DPS, but a glass cannon of a melee spec
MM Sniper - great single target DPS, but you better get used to DcDs and sitting in cover a lot
Arsenal Merc - "recent" DPS buffs, but more a jack of all trades(?...I know little about the merc currently, though, I did level up a PT in its prime)
Decep Sin - great single target DPS, but requires a lot of skill to use effectively
Lightning/Madness Sorc - great single target/AoE DPS, but lacking as of late(?)
Concealment Op - Annoying single target DPS, but nerfed to hell and more nerfs incoming(?)

I know my thread has no apparent lack of structure -- I apologize -- but I am simply listing my understandings of class I am interested in as of late patches, and I hope to gain some insight on them. Sure, I can keep playing veng jugg because I am "happy" or "have fun" with that class, but I don't have fun dying repeatedly because it isn't viable and/or I have yet to master the class in its entirety.

More or less, can you all give me some ideas on classes/specs that are either single target burst OR annoying as all hell in PVP? Yes, yes, skank tanks are annoying, but do they make your skin crawl? Looking for more a hit (kill) and run, or a pesky wasp that hurts but no matter how many times you hit it with a newspaper it still keeps moving.

(I feel this will be a lot of why I should play carnage mara or skank tank -- which I am not opposed to -- but I am also open to hearing any and all ideas on why your or a certain class is considered cringe worthy for the enemy when used effectively.)

Equeliber's Avatar

01.09.2018 , 09:14 AM | #2
Concealment operative would be the best Single target DPS that is also annoying

It takes a while to get used to the weird survivability of operative but when mastered it can stall a node against multiple players. It also has one of the highest single target burst with Volatile Substance into backstab into few lacerations.

Overall it is very good in PvP right now. In PvE yes, Concealment is on the bottom of melee DPS parses but in PvP it doesn't matter as the burst is still very high and it still has his heals and god roll.
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HaoZhao's Avatar

01.09.2018 , 09:29 AM | #3
A lot of people don't understand what class balance really means. Specs are balanced, properly, when their DPS reflects the difficulty it takes to master them.

Specs like lightning and vengeance can be played while blindfolded. Specs like annihilation and innovative ordnance, on the other hand, have tight energy management and require a higher level of play to use effectively. If IO and marksman have the same DPS, and marksman can be played effectively by rolling your fist across the keyboard, then why play IO?

No, some specs should be outperforming other specs. You can't make a spec like lightning have zero energy management and then also make it a top parsing DPS spec. That would be a case of horrible imbalance. I remember PVP in early 3.0. when warzones were overrun with lightning sorcerers who just spammed force storm all match long. When you power-up an easy spec, like lightning, that's what happens every time. All of the bad players roll the overpowered class and dominate using 1-3 abilities.

Kalirs's Avatar

01.09.2018 , 04:59 PM | #4
Thank you, Equeliber! I will look more into the concealment op again. Maybe last time I played him I was just slowed by the PVE, but I might need to level one up to near 70 and have some testings.

HaoZhao, I don't mean to come off as trying to play 'OP' classes. I am more worried about putting time and effort into a class to find out the class takes a high level of skill -- looking at you deception assassin -- or isn't worth the time because THE JEDI ARE TAKING OVER! Sorry, what I meant to say was the OP classes are killing off non-tank/non-hybrid quicker than they should -- looking at you 3.X lightning storm!...darn inquisitors. Basically, I do want to put time and effort into a class, but I am looking for guidance on a class that may suit my bursting (and desire to annoy) needs. Am I open to skank tank? Sure, but only because I heavily enjoyed veng jugg, otherwise I am not looking to spread the love...more looking to pop balloons or classes that focus too much on DPS. so that other classes can clean up tanks/hybrids.

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01.12.2018 , 11:57 AM | #5
Bump for more ideas