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darkhawkking's Avatar

01.11.2018 , 05:39 AM | #1
Hello! in almost every MMO i play i main a healer but i haven't done it here yet so i was wanting to know what healer class is more fun? i prefer to be on the sith side!

WayOfTheWarriorx's Avatar

01.11.2018 , 08:34 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by darkhawkking View Post
Hello! in almost every MMO i play i main a healer but i haven't done it here yet so i was wanting to know what healer class is more fun? i prefer to be on the sith side!
If you want to be hardcore Sith [and why wouldn't you? =] ], the choice is clear, Sorc. Sorcs are generally considered to be pound for pound the best all around healer, but that's more a matter of degrees I think, as they are all capable of doing well in the hands of a competent player. I wouldn't imagine it is a cut and dry appraisal however, as some circumstances may actually favor the other heal specs. - That said, I'm speaking as a layman, so take that with a grain of salt. Perhaps someone with far more knowledge than myself will comment to shed some better light on it for you.

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01.11.2018 , 08:57 AM | #3
I'm a tank main, but have decent knowledge of healing sorcs and operatives.

Operatives are a HoT based class, their ability to spike is terrible but they have the highest overall HPS.

Sorcs are incredibly good at spiking, have relatively easy resource management, and the best mobility.

Dajman's Avatar

01.11.2018 , 11:46 PM | #4
As others have said it is a matter of how mobile you want to be. With a little luck you can pretty much play sorc without needing to stand still except very rarely. Operative you can almost do the same but their extra resource being tactical advantage can be an issue if rng doesn't smile upon you. Also their big aoe now is channeled which is a fun sucker. As for the merc it's the least mobile but has some of the most disgusting burst healing imaginable. You can do some pretty awesome things with a merc but you have to be good at moving in that GCD your using your free heal to get places. Also merc requires you to use your free heal pretty frequently which was a turn off for me personally.

I would say sorc is my favorite healer atm due to the way it moves and the ability to affect the group in so many different ways.

Other factors that should be mentioned...
Merc has the best defensives for themselves and best single target burst potential.
Operative has access to a stealth rez and ultimately the highest hps in the game when your group is large enough and taking damage constantly.
Sorc has absorbs for preparing for aoe burst, a get tf out of fire grab for dumb allies, most mobility and a consistency that can't really be described only discovered.

That's just my thoughts on it. Probably a bit biased toward the sorc. I always played merc and operative until this last few weeks and the sorc is just too close to my hybrid priest back in wotlk to not love everything about it.

Ps... off spec you have only melee options for operative but lethality is one of the top parsing specs in game atm. Merc dps specs are outperforming sorc right now but both are ranged only.