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Returning player LF guild.

Jokerx's Avatar

01.02.2018 , 11:13 PM | #1
Decided to come back to the game after years of not playing, looking for a friendly causal Guild to help get back into things. I decided to reroll on Republic currently leveling a Jedi Sentinel.

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01.03.2018 , 02:02 PM | #2
I would humbly submit <Pax Republica> for your consideration. We do casual PvE/PvP/GSF have a 10% XP bonus and a fully decked out Flagship. Most of our events are posted in our discord as opposed to our website, but you don't need do voice comms if you want to lurk.

Come by and check us out to see if we are your flavor of ice cream. If you like what you see, message us and we can throw you a Ginvite!!!

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01.04.2018 , 11:39 AM | #3
Hello!! Hellbent is recruiting new members. We are mainly focused on end game PVE, but we are also an active social guild who accepts all members (18+ years old). We offer weekly scheduled events, all the guild perks and we have a sister imp guild. Check out our website or psst me in game. I am only nearly every evening and throughout the day on most weekends.

Cya in game!!
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01.04.2018 , 09:50 PM | #4
Welcome back!

As you take your journey towards decision, I also invite you to check us out! As an allied enclave, the Celestial Argonauts and Dreadnauts share not strong ties to the republic or empire. We are neutral and creating our own lore, with correlation to the SW universe! Read about us to find out more!

Otherwise, our efforts revolve heavily around weekly conquests and produce weekly newsletters to highlight what work we have done, and to highlight outstanding individuals! We are a fairly accepting group of people, and though sometimes I think my fellow cohorts party and wild things up a lot, It might be because I am fairly bookish hehe.

Here is our swtor thread and our enjin page, feel free to check us out! We have players from all over the world so most timezones will feature players online.

Good luck!

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