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Please remove bolster from ranked warzones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please remove bolster from ranked warzones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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01.01.2018 , 04:22 PM | #41
They should just remove the Devs from the game.
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01.01.2018 , 08:22 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Pellerinen View Post
I didn't know you take care of the investigations of inappropriate player behaviour for Bioware. You've proven that it can't be just the relics, bravo...but... I don't see how the rest is relevant, really. I find their behavior suspicious, and I feel I should report on it. I'm not really interested in what YOU think about it, or how YOU feel it's totally alright for them to do that, since YOU really aren't any kind of an authority in the matter. But I do suggest that the easiest solution to every kind of bolster exploit is to remove the bolster from ranked... I believe you are against this because...reasons regarding maths and it makes it more interesting when people show up in "broken" gear? Am I correct? Or do we actually agree about this?
I do agree that if you have a suspicion of someone exploiting bolster surpass 248 players, reporting them can deal no harm, worst case you are just wrong. But if their bolster merely brings them up to the lvl of 248 and not surpassing it, I think it is good that people who still couldn't finish grinding wouldn't be a handicap on their teammates.
I explained the math to you because it means that based on the info we already know about broken relics, it is more likely that the guy wasnt hacking than was, and since CSR tend to choose the approach that means they need to do nothing, they are likely to tell you the same. But if you still choose to report him and they investigate and find oout differently and ban an exploiter, then gg :P

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02.18.2018 , 10:07 AM | #43
For now at least, I just do ranked for mats to get my gear. Not being 248, I do not last against 248 never mind the relic exploits so can't complain. But I am not sure if it is just wind relic or not, but there is a jugg tank on my server with 220 rating gear, and he literally 2 hit kills people. His rage is always full, you can click on him and watch him as he fights and he never loses rage. He has 2-3 248 geared people beating on him and no damage taken, I know he is a tank, but I ran a jugg before and they can last but once their defenses are all used they splat like anyone else.

I think many of these people are hacker/trolls, they don't put time in their character or accounts so get to level 70 and wind relic and then add on lots of other downloads, and in the off chance they get banned they start another free account and do it all over again in 2 days. EA has a zero hack/exploit policing policy, so don't expect it to get fixed I am sorry. You play any other EA game they allow hacks and exploits to fill a game like battlefront 1, then they make battlefront 2 a couple months later and literally advertise on BF1 "Hey BF1 is filled with hacks, toxic community, and it really sucks to play so come give us another $70 and play BF2!" It is just EA business model to get constant cash flow.

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02.22.2018 , 01:42 PM | #44
I agree. Bolster shouldn't be allowed in ranked, only in regular warzones.