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Proposal: Bring back the Chevin Grand Acquisitions Race event

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Proposal: Bring back the Chevin Grand Acquisitions Race event

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12.30.2017 , 07:12 AM | #11
As an idea: this can be some sort of chained events with "Chevin Grand acquisitions Race" event as a precual to "Reclics of the Gree" event. I mean, scheduling those 2 events in a row (or maybe separate them with a free week in the middle of both) and making "Chevin Grand acquisitions Race" a repeteable event.
What about that?
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01.01.2018 , 11:36 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by dzeiger View Post
There are two problems with that proposal (three if you count the fact that this isn't the Suggestions forum )

1) Most of the items from the event are available via some other method--you can get the broken down speeder now, you can get bowcasters, and I'm not sure offhand about the Tusken set, but if not, there are several similar Tusken sets out there.

2) The event itself was pretty terrible, with all of the bad things about open world events present. Yes, shooting things from a turret for a minute was fun. What was not fun was that only one person got to be on the turret at a time, so everyone else had to wait, standing in an orderly line, and getting upset when some jerk ran forward and spam-clicked to jump in first. And I seem to recall the DK portion having a laser/mirror puzzle where anyone could click on the mirrors to change orientation, leading to much trolling and frustration (I got lucky and found an instance with only 9 people in it, so I was able to get it done by myself while everyone else was screaming at each other in chat).

So the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia may tell you that you want this, but what you really probably want is it to be completely reworked with better-done missions and new rewards, at which point what you're wanting is a completely new event.
One of my characters has a bunch of tokens leftover and a title from the event. I had to look up where the title came from to find out. Ditto for the tokens. I have quite literally zero recollection of the event. That's how much it impressed me.
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