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Gemini Captain

Drogox's Avatar

12.30.2017 , 04:37 PM | #1
I don't mind a challenge in battles, but trying to beat that damn captain is STUPID! Over powered, throws us across the room, disappears, its insane. I give up with it. I looked up how to beat it but I got nothing helpful and I tried tank, heal and damage with my companion. I might beat it with more than one companion but we know THAT won't happen. I'll go back to my other characters and forget this crap. INSANITY!!!!!

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12.30.2017 , 08:51 PM | #2
Let me try to unpack that a little.

It sounds like you're having trouble with the Gemini Captain miniboss of Chapter 15 of KotFE
It also sounds like you've attempted this chapter with Senya as Tank, Heal, and DPS.

What level of difficulty is the chapter set to? SM/HM/NiM?
What is your Senya's influence?
What class are you playing?
What typically kills you? (Attrition... Alpha... Delayed Burst... etc)
And have you looked at the various videos floating around the internet?
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12.31.2017 , 08:59 AM | #3
Yeah, it's really weird. People keep complaining about this one as if it is hard, and yet I've never had any significant difficulty. Of course, I've never played it on Veteran or Master, but we first had these complaints before those modes existed for chapters.

Yes, it's monstrously tedious if you're a melee class, but I've done it on dps Jugg, tank Shadow, Infiltration Shadow, and some flavour of Mara without any real difficulty. I routinely get batted around all over the place, but so what. You get up, dust yourself off, and get stuck in.

And always with Healer-mode Senya, and never with her above rank 7 or 8.
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Drogox's Avatar

12.31.2017 , 09:03 AM | #4
yes I have sought solutions watching videos and trying to find ways to move on.
His class is Jedi Knight (single saber)
I have moderate influence with Senya
Gemini always goes after Senya, but being thrown across the room every couple minutes and hung in the air like choking are what kills me. Also 4 of Gemini appears then Senya dies and I'm alone and don't last a couple more minutes.
As for difficulty. Idk which mode its in. I was unaware there was a choice like in flashpoints. I didn't get an operators manual or strategy guide back when I started. loled

I may just abandon it and work on my other characters missions. Not sure yet.

It IS a good story and until this point I enjoyed it. But if I can't beat Gemini, I won't succeed against Arcann and Vaylin.

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12.31.2017 , 09:25 AM | #5
I found it was in Story mode. But it doesn't matter now. I deleted that character. Maybe some other time I'll try again. Ty for the help to all.

One thing I did like was running into the companions from other characters along the way. But still doesn't explain what happened to HIS companions. Only vaguely.

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01.01.2018 , 05:35 AM | #6
Advice: whatever class you try next (and really, deleting the character was excessive), here's some advice for when you face the more highly tuned fights:

* Know how your class works, Part One. Know how to manage "resources" (ammo, heat, energy, Force power, focus, etc. depending on your class). For Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior classes, know how to *build* resources as well as how to manage spending them.
* Know how your class works, Part Two. Find all the interesting abilities and put them somewhere you can get at them easily. For many fights in the later parts of KotFE and KotET, one of the most interesting abilities is your stun breaker, which will say "Purges incapacitating effects". Make sure you know when to use it, and more importantly in some cases, when not to use it even though you could.
* Know how your class works, Part Three. Read guides on how your class works, what its best rotations are, and other stuff. There are good (textual) guides on and other sites. (Text guides require you to read, but allow you to instantly flick back and reread a part if it doesn't make sense, just by moving your eyes. Also, I read faster than people speak, so it takes less time for me.)
* Know the fight's theoretical basis. Read or watch the guides, make notes, and practice. Observation: don't watch / read *just* the fight, but also look for things like how the player in the guide places his abilities on his action bars.
* Spend some resources on the Fleet or similar buying companion gifts for any "forced" companion (e.g. Senya against the GEMINI Captain) to raise his/her Influence level. This makes everything about the companion stronger: damage output, healing output, armour strength, damage reduction, health, you name it.
* Spend resources and time improving your own gear. Replace those crappy 168 relics you've had for ages with something better. Play heroic missions to raise credits and turn in the crates to the Alliance specialists for more companion gifts and even more credits (directly and by selling the armour shells). This gives XP or CXP depending on whether you are below or at level 70, respectively. CXP gives Command Crates, which can contain useful end-game gear.
* Don't give up. The fight *can* be beaten.
* If you are still having problems, know that it is possible to get people in there to help you. Go into the chapter, then group up with another player (a friend or guild-mate for preference) and invite him to come into your instance. (There's a mechanism on the menu that appears if you right-click your character's portrait.) Only bring one or two players in, or any required companion will be dismissed.
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