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Subscriber With Only One Crew Skill?

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Subscriber With Only One Crew Skill?

Rucifil's Avatar

12.21.2017 , 03:00 AM | #1
So I just returned to SWTOR today after a very long time. I purchased the current advertised subscription (19.99 for 30 days) so I am a subscriber. Yet in-game I cannot carry more than one crew skill. I thought maybe I had to use the cartel coins to unlock it... So I purchased the extra slot item. Once I got it into my inventory it and clicked on it I was told I already have all three slots unlocked? So that was wasted coins.
So even thought my crew skill are ''unlocked'' the game refuses to allow me to hold more than one?
In addition, I cant even send my follower out on missions for the current crew skill I have. Please help!

Vercundus's Avatar

12.22.2017 , 01:48 AM | #2
Silly question, have you visited the trainer and learned new skills? Bare in mind, you can have only one crafting skill, regardless of your subscription status.

Also, have you logged out of game and logged back in since becoming a subscriber?