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Theron's redemption

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12.19.2017 , 10:35 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by eoral View Post
It would be nice to have samesex marriage in the game. And I'm still hoping for that Arcann romance too.

After the update evidence is building

So yeah failsafes should be in place for anyone changing their mind about the bounty. Personally I think if Theron did this to aid the alliance/you, killing him is overkill. And I usually play it very darkside.It would be a waste IMO.

Perhaps imprisoning could be a darkside option or have him guarded 24/7 while he still works for ya.
Either way I'm taking him back if I can. Although I would like to chew him out a little. Put him on the couch
He incited a war that was unnecessary. Although I found the original post interesting, I would do things differently. First, I would never have Satele, Darth Marrs ghost, or Jace Malcolm there at all. On my warrior I see it playing more like this:

Theron walks into the cantina on Odesson and immediately everyone is on alert. Lana draws her lightsaber defensively and as Theron pulls his gun to protect himself she force pulls it away. Then strikes his arm. Serlenna, sith warrior, walks over. "So Theron the traitor comes back".
Theron: "Look commander I know you are angry. You have every right but give me a chance to apolo...."
Interrupting Theron Serlenna says, " Theron I am breaking up with you. She strikes with her lightsaber. As Therons body slumps forward. His head rolls across the cantina floor.
C2N2 runs in, "master I will clean this up immediately. The floors will be shiny and new in no time."
Serlenna: "Put Therons head in a box and toss his body in the Odesson wilds. It's dinnertime".
Next scene: Satele Shan is doing Tai Chi or whatever she does these days in the park on Coruscant Senate Plaza. A messenger arrives, "Grand Master, I have a message from the Alliance Commander." He hands her a box. She opens it and sees her son staring back at her. She calmly closes the box. "Toss it is the city dump." Then she turns back to her exercises.
The end.
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