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defense rating vs shield and absorb

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defense rating vs shield and absorb

shreefe's Avatar

12.06.2017 , 07:18 AM | #1
I recall reading somewhere that shield and absorb do not impact incoming critical hits. Is this correct? What about defense rating? Is this at all useful to spend augments on? Will defense rating give me better protection against crits?

Asaxor's Avatar

12.06.2017 , 07:43 AM | #2
If you're not being hit (because you defended), you also won't receive a crit. The problem is that a lot of damage in PvP is yellow force/tech damage that can't be defended against anyway. Only white damage (melee/ranged) can be defended against.

Speaking for PVP it's probably best to use the augment slots for fortitude augs. Since most DPS specs probably have around 50% critical hit chance (factoring in autocrits) it doesn't make much sense to have more than 50% shield chance either, a bit of absorb perhaps and all the rest in DPS stats like crit or alacrity.

EdwinVanDerZera's Avatar

12.06.2017 , 07:44 AM | #3
Defense: Increases your chance to defend white damage. That is Ranged or Melee damage (not necessarily damage done over range or in melee, that's a different definition).
Shield: Increases your chance to Shield all damage types except Internal and Elemental damage.
Absorb: Increases the amount of damage that is shielded when your shield is triggered (look above for Shield).
Damage type:
Energy/Kinetic damage can both be Ranged/Melee and Force/Tech, that is white and yellow damage.
Internal/Elemental damage can only be Force/Tech, that is yellow damage.
Regardless of what kind of damage you're taking (except for Elemental/Internal), it's simple 2-roll system:
1) roll to determine if attack hits. Accuracy versus defense/resistance. Afaik only one attack in the game is auto-hit (retaliate/riposte).
2) roll to determine if attack will be shielded. Crit chance versus shield. If crit chance is very high, it "reduces" effective shield chance. Auto-critting attacks will never be shielded (and players have a lot of them (and bosses never ever crit)).
I hope this helps!

KendraP's Avatar

12.06.2017 , 08:44 AM | #4
I'm going to assume the other players are right in the theory. Having run my pure pve tanking set in PvP as well as a skank set with high endurance dps everything I can say the tank stats did nothing for survivability.

So yeah, fortitude augments abound.

RACATW's Avatar

12.10.2017 , 12:25 AM | #5
Defense, basically this is trash.

You get stunned. Guess what? No more defense.

When does the real dps happen? During the stun.

How do we mitigate dps windows? Cycling dcds and maintaining HP. Priority goes to endurance. Next is power. Then shield rating and then absorb.

Absorbs mostly useless.