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Does Bioware Dislike Women?

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11.21.2017 , 03:54 PM | #131
Quote: Originally Posted by starzandstripes View Post
I am a male but play female characters regularly. I am greatly disappointed in the female romance options. I absolutely agree and everytime I play a female character I find it very difficult to even think why i would romance any of the options. Believe it or not about the only person I can somewhat tolerate is Theron, but his option is terrible in terms of story.
Have you done any of the romances? I'm always pestering my husband to play female characters and try the romances because I'm just curious what what his perspective is and how they compare with the romances for males. And what he finds appealing/unappealing etc about them.

For the record, he wouldn't touch Doc And I'm still waiting for him to pick his female agent back up, I'm particularly interested in that one.



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11.22.2017 , 10:20 AM | #132
I almost stopped playing my female Jedi because of Doc. NO matter how you treat him he still lays it on thick with the creepy flirting.

I am not sure if they hate women. We could say the same with almost all the computer games that have come out in the past 20-30 yrs. Look at how many games where the main character is Male and the females are protrayed as helpless etc.

Now on the romances, hmm there is good and bad on both sides.
For the females the only romances that I thought that were nice were Vector and Aric. They seem like the most normal of all the options. I wish my inquisitor could romance Talos (the companion you get on hoth) and I wish my Warrior could Romance Pierce instead of that being a one night stand.

For the Males: really the only females I think I would have my Male toons Romance would be Vette/RIsha /Elara. Most of the male romances are nuts or just out of bounds in my opinion.

I wanted to add: I think Theron and Lana are great Romance options. In my opinion they are very likeable characters and are alot more normal then some of the other options.. My rep toons think the world of Lana, becasue she is to them a normal person not some nut job with too much power. And she rescued them from carbonite and really despite what she did to Theron she is a pretty decent person for a sith.

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11.22.2017 , 02:31 PM | #133
The major fanbase is male, its logical they would appeal to what brings in the most revenue, and seeing twileks in slave princess leia clothes helps the cause am i wrong?

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11.22.2017 , 05:53 PM | #134
1.I find it disheartening that you have all these options of skimpy female clothing (i.e. security vendor) and NOTHING for males that is Skimpy.
2. The romances: I like the "strong female" role, when I play a male character I tend to choose Elara or Akaavi- as a female player playing female character though the ones I would choose would be Torian (available), Pierce (not available except as one-night stand), and Talos (not available as romance option. There's even a dialogue option where a female asks Talos "are you flirting with me", but the conversation goes "I don't think of you in that way". Actually, my Sith would much rather have a relationship with Talos than with Andronikos.
Let's look at some of the other options...
Vector - sweet as he is, he's still a BUG-joiner
Andronikos - crazy pirate
Quinn - We ALL know why not.
Corso- too "protective:"
Doc - lounge lizard.
Iresso - sweet, but he's got something in his head....
Theron Shan - o.k. for my LS imp agent that made a certain choice, and for my Republic chars, but most of my Imps don't want to be cozy with a Republic spy.... I do think that for a relationship to work, you have to have certain values in common, and what country/nation/empire one feels loyalty to would certainly cause a disturbance if the two are too different.
3. Character physical builds. Granted amongst Humans most men are taller than women. That would not necessarily hold true amongst alien species. While it doesn't affect us combat-wise - it DOES make a difference in other elements of gameplay,Jumping to get datacrons. Female and Male characters DO jump differently. I have enough characters and have been playing long enough (before datacrons were account-wide) to notice a significant difference.
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11.22.2017 , 05:55 PM | #135
rather, datacrons Legacy-wide, not account wide. Correction.
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12.04.2017 , 05:36 AM | #136
Just had a thought after discussing this further with my husband, who doesn't play females very often. But when he does, he always comes up with "roleplay" reasons (or excuses as I call them) why his female characters won't partake in their romances.

I asked him if his new warrior would do the Quinn romance and he rambled on a long time about her being a pureblood and looking down on Quinn as a lesser species and yadda yadda yadda, so probably not.. and it occurred to me that maybe the female characters weren't made for actual females to play. They were made for straight males who LIKE to play females, so they purposely gave them few flirts and didn't care whether their romances were enjoyable or made sense.

My husband is only a sample size of one but this theory seems to fit him, and also me - when I play male characters I'm very uncomfortable with the romances. I don't mind flirting and having one night stands with women, but I resist the notion that my male characters actually fall in love with any of them. (And I can't put my finger on why, exactly. Because I'm still a straight woman in a man's body..? *shrug*)

Knowing developers, it makes sense to me that playable women were never meant for actual women to begin with.



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12.04.2017 , 02:02 PM | #137
well they implemented romances in the 1st place so its not like they totally dislike women

jokes aside... i agree that female options are terrible, especially that smuggler hillbilly UGH, but at least u got Mr Shan now My Ref Link
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12.05.2017 , 09:12 AM | #138
I wonder if they were going for the stereotypes of what they think women or men want. IF you look at each romanceable companion they all can fit a stereotype or two.

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12.08.2017 , 05:53 AM | #139
I do not agree with it at all. Just as someone else has said, look at love interests for women in Dragon Age 1/2/3, Mass Effect 1/2/3/Andromeda, KOTOR 1/2, Jade Empire and many more! If "Bioware" would hate women, they wouldn't get amazing LI characters to flirt with at all. You really cannot think you'll find a knight on a white horse in smugglers team. You're fooling yourself. And lastly to each their own I think Vector is super adorable and romantic - just because you don't find something attractive it doesn't mean others won't. Altough they could make Doctor Lokin romanceable too. After all you all get a Theron which is total bae goody two shoes. I don't see the reason to complain. You cannot satisfy everyone. Do you realize that maybe there are male players who don't like let's say Jaesa or Kaliyo even Lana maybe lol. You really cannot satisfy everyone, so please chill. Don't look at just swtor, take other games done by bioware into consideration.
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12.08.2017 , 06:28 AM | #140
Every time I read this kind of thread, I can't help but to think "so, they have a problem because females have x flirts and males have x+100 flirts? What's next -- this company hates women because luxurious dress costs more on GTN than formal tuxedo?". Maybe they could have done more to make the female companion romance vs. male companion romance ratio more close to 50/50, but I really don't see an issue with anything else, and even that's not proof that they "dislike" women.

As for the quality of the romances, it's just up to the player. I have 7 male companions I can romance that I really like (Doc, Aric, Quinn, Andronikos, Vector, Torian, Theron) vs. 3 female (Elara, Vette, Kaliyo). This is hardly proof that they dislike men, and I don't see why someone else's personal preference would be proof that they dislike women.
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