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Rank the Star Wars Movies

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12.02.2017 , 04:44 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
My favorite Star Wars movie would be ROTS, despite some poor dialogue and overacting the story is just amazing, the execution of order 66 was the most beautiful scene in the franchise and the duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan was excellent.
My 2nd favorite would probably be ESB due to it's darkness, I don't think it trumps ROTS since in ROTS all the Jedi are killed and the republic is replaced by the Empire.
3rd would probably be Return of the Jedi, I know it has Ewoks but I actually like them and having Darth Sidious/The Emperor show up made the movie really interesting.
4th would be Phantom Menace, I love the movie despite Jar Jar and it was a good foundation stone for the rest of the prequels.
5th would be a New Hope. I like the movie but I actually think ou of the OT it's the weakest. It's a good foundation stone though.
6th would be AOTC, I think the movie is good but it's more of a bridge between PM and ROTS.
I liked TCW movie although I think that sometimes the comedic relief could've been handled better.
Hated TFA with the exception of the interrogation scene... before Rey mary sues her way out of it.
Still haven't watched Rogue One so can't make an opinion on that one.
Yeah, like I said, the last 45 minutes or so(from Order 66 onwards) is probably the best Star Wars has ever been. You've large battles(though more Space Warfare wouldn't have hurt), epic duels, heart rending is actually very good, surpassing EVERYTHING except ESB.

Actually there isn't a really bad moment in the movie. Except overacting and bad dialogue. One's left wondering whether they're connected to each other(whether overacting flows from /lol dialogue). I tried to find a part I didn't like and...there was no such part. Hm...

Such an underrated movie, it's criminal. And all because "it's prequels!" sheeple mentality. smh smh
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12.02.2017 , 06:37 PM | #12
8 temporary spot contingent on many more viewings.
Rouge 1

I like the prequels in theory, but I don't like the abundance of CGI. It just doesn't hold up as well as real sets.
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12.03.2017 , 02:03 AM | #13
Clone Wars Movie.
CW TV series that followed.
The runs/squirts.
Swine flu.
The flu.
Episode 7 the plagiarism awakens.
2 mins of some chick crying in amongst 2 hours of showing ZERO emotion while the better characters are wasted movie/rogue one.

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12.04.2017 , 09:15 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
My list is from best to worst.

Return of the Jedi
A New Hope
Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Rebels cartoon
Empire Strikes Back
Attack of the Clones
Phantom Menace

I do not count Rogue One, or Force Awakens as Star Wars movies. Rogue One had to little story in it for SW it seemed to just push us from one action scene to the next which made it a great action movie, but a bad SW movie. And as for Force Awakens, Disney should feel ashamed for even thinking of making that piece of garbage.
I agree except that I actually liked Rogue, that Vader scene at the end just made me want Vader movie. Awakens was just garbage

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12.04.2017 , 01:08 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Solo-Jo View Post
I agree except that I actually liked Rogue, that Vader scene at the end just made me want Vader movie. Awakens was just garbage
oh it was a good action movie. I did like the vader scene, however the little story that was there was just forcing us from one action scene to the next. This caused me to give it a lower grade as a SW movie however. As a non SW action movie I gave it an grade of 8/10. For lack of Story however compared to even the prequels is the problem I have with it, and Episode 7. Because of this lack of real story both are downgraded as not counting as SW movies.
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12.04.2017 , 01:54 PM | #16
well to be honest movies are so diffrent that its hard to rank them... i mean old trilogy or... oldest... this is classic and its base of everything we know and love in star wars. but Lucas itself apart from the main idea imho didnt do good job as director so they are medicore.

then another 3 movies they were actually fail, apart from Obi Wan i didnt like these too much, especially Anakin ruined the movies for me and the dialouges... damn that was bad, but prequel memes made me rediscover these so i guess i they are still last among star wars productions but i dont rank them as horrible anymore

new movies, well 7th part might feel as its copy of a copy of a copy, but on the other hand this movie at last is what i wanted from star wars, i dont know it feels more complete than the old trilogy, but gotta wait for 8th and 9th part to be a judge of that.

rouge one was actually pretty decent though it didnt make much of a sense from time to time, suicides for no reason, crying for no reason etc.
not to mention they are trying really hard to show the grey area in star wars while the old ones lacked that sort of thing, now it feels like they are trying too hard.

so in the end i guess that gonna be something like that:
old one trilogy and new one going on pair, and the middle one going behind them. i wont rate specific positions because i feel these goes in packages of 3. My Ref Link
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12.04.2017 , 03:41 PM | #17
Empire Strikes Back
A New Hope
Return of the Jedi
T - The Force Awakens/Rogue One
Revenge of the Sith
Attack of the Clones
The Phantom Menace

The one caveat I have is that the end of Revenge of the Sith would be right up with Return of the Jedi, but the rest of the movie drags it down hard.
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12.04.2017 , 06:35 PM | #18
The Empire Strikes Back (Still a toss up between this one and A New Hope, but I'll go with Empire due to how the movie altered many story lines and of course the shock of Vader being Luke's father, and a killer light saber duel)
A New Hope (saw this in '77 and it was awesome as an eight yr old)
Revenge of the Sith (duel at the end of the movie was a little too long, but still epic)
The Force Awakens (replicated ANH way too much, but still a great movie)
Rogue One (The Vader scene at the end of the movie, finally displayed how great he really was. And a great story overall)
Return of the Jedi (I have it this low because of the horrible special effects during the speeder bike scene on Endor. When Lucas decided to add some cgi to his movies, those scenes should have been included.)
Attack of the Clones (Don't care for Christensen in these movies, but the action in Clones was nearly non-stop. Very good fight choreography)
The Phantom Menace (a lot of people don't care for this movie and I get why, questionable acting, etc., but it was still a decent entry with its origins and the Maul / Kenobi duel)
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12.10.2017 , 05:58 PM | #19
A New Hope (the best)
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Attack of the Clones
Rogue One
The Phantom Menace
Revenge of the Sith
The Force Awakens (such a waste of time)
I hope The Last Jedi will be better than TFA, coz its not from Jrk Jrk Abrams and its gotta be more logically right.

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12.11.2017 , 05:10 AM | #20
1. Empire Strikes Back
2. A New Hope
3. The Revenge of The Sith

4. The Force Awakens
5. The Return of The Jedi
6. The Attack of The Clones
7. Phantom Menace
8. Rogue One

I am have a ticket reservation for an eleven o clock AM show and a ticket for the nine o clock show on Wednesday. My intuition is saying that The Last Jedi is going to be my top three Star Wars movies ever. May The Force be with you.