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I was wonder if they going to make another star wars mmo for clone war and civil war

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I was wonder if they going to make another star wars mmo for clone war and civil war

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11.14.2017 , 03:03 PM | #1
I would like to see new mmo for clone war(not the clone war adventures tho theree a emu already) and galactic civil war(not the swg, I tried it on emu and it worst that it lack of quests story and faction instead of joining faction to grind is annoying) in future. I have bet that galactic civil war going be similar to this game and idk about clone war, that the sith only has two than jedi. It would be awesome if lucas get three different total era from old republic, clone war(not the clone war animation style. I prefer the clone war ps2 style) and galactic civil war(again not the swg). What do you guys think?

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11.15.2017 , 04:56 PM | #2
Star Wars Galaxies is awesome and comparing it to SWGEmu is a mistake. The game as it was when it shut down had tons to do and you weren't hindered by factions, able to switch when it suited your play style. SWGEmu is based on an old old version of SWG that no one played so they released a version called the NGE which brought a classic leveling system which the game desperately needed. If you want a Star Wars GCW "fix" I highly urge you to try SWG Legends for how the game was when it closed.

As for TCW, there was an MMO that was made by Sony but got shut down shortly after the acquisition. It wasn't that fun but if you played Free Realms it was based on the same engine as that. It was a F2P. I never played much of it.

Honestly, I don't think EA should make a Star Wars MMO. It would be maddening. I'll wait for Disney to pickup a new publisher before I ask for a new star wars mmo.

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11.26.2017 , 12:52 PM | #3
With the current direction of mmorpgs (loot box controversy withstanding) ill probably pass on any new star wars based mmo and swtor is loosing my interest sadly. Unless...... the content is really exciting, massive and capture the feel of star wars.

Clone wars era might work, the galactic civil war probably wouldnt. SWG, although i found fun in a lot of aspects had an underlying problem that all galactic civil war era mmo's would have......jedi. That time period they were "all but extinct." Lets face it, many star wars fans would probably be turned off if unable to swing a glowstick. SWG tried to handle this problem creatively but ultimately caused more problems than it was worth imho.

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