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Can't decide between Assassin and Warrior

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Can't decide between Assassin and Warrior

lostdraftee's Avatar

11.26.2017 , 04:14 AM | #1
As the title says. Now, this is really a first timer for me in terms of indecisiveness. Usually in every game I play I can quickly find a class for myself but due to heavy reliance oo story in this game I can't choose for the life of me. I absolutely love SW story and his "personality" and very much dislike SI storyline and the sound of VA voice, he does a good job in terms of acting but the sound of his voice is bleargh! Problem is, I positively hate SW gameplay and animations in every spec of every adv class (I leveled them up to 70 both mostly through heroic missions and flashpoints), while I absolutely adore Assassin gameplay and animations in every spec.

Love SW story and voice, hate gameplay and animations.
Love Assassin gameplay and animations, hate story and voice.
I'm torn between them and can't decide which to make my main. And I hate to play more than one char on regular basis.

PLS HALP! Is there any other angle to look at that? Usually gameplay >> story for me, but there is so much good storytelling in this game and so much dialogue.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

11.26.2017 , 05:00 AM | #2
The female Sin/Sorc VA has an immensely better voice that the male one. She earned "deliciously evil" as a description from the moment I first heard it. Evil and sexy and malicious and totally absolutely unhinged. (The French Sin/Sorc female VA, on the other hand, manages to deliver almost the entire set of lines with a sort of flat menace, except when she's flirting with Andronikos.)
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lostdraftee's Avatar

11.26.2017 , 05:15 AM | #3
Yes, I've heard that SI VA is much better. But it has two problems: it doesn't fix the story and armor looks so much better on male characters, at least armor that I like.