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Wow 5.5 .....

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11.13.2017 , 09:12 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Ramalina View Post
If the matchmaker weren't so opposed to making balanced matches we could balance ourselves at this point. Between Discord for communication and only a few servers it wouldn't be that hard.

Fire the matchmaking algorithm and download a copy of Ianir's brain into the datacenters. We know Ianir's matchmaking works.
Unfortunately unless the "matchmakinger" would be able to split up teams of 4 super-veterans and make it cross-faction, there isn't much it can really do. Premades are not really a problem, premades made up of super-veterans pretty much destroys the chance of a real match. I do agree that 1 match a month when you get two equal premades against each other it is neat though.