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Ideas for Future Uprisings/Flashpoints

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Ideas for Future Uprisings/Flashpoints

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05.05.2017 , 01:25 PM | #1
1. Star Forge Flashpoint: Remnants of Revanites discover an ancient Star Forge and plan to finish what Revan has started. Players must stop them
2. Bespin Flashpoint: Tibanna Gas is useful for the war effort, but The Exchange has stolen large quantities from it. Players must enter the Exchange Hideout on Cloud City to steal it back.
3. Flashpoint on Telos: Czerka Corporation wants to mine for precious resources from the planet, but their plans for extracting the resources will potentially destroy the planet. The objective is to invade their base of operations on citadel station. And travel to the surface to stop the mining once and for all.
4. Kashyyk Flashpoint: Trandoshan mercenaries threaten to kill a vital Wookie Senator. Players will travel to the treetop village to stop the Trandoshans from carrying out their mission. It will be similar to the Republic Commando game.
5. Mygeeto Flashpoint: The Republic and the Empire want to conquer Mygeeto for its vital resources and they engage in a battle. The flashpoint would vary based on your faction.

1. Belsavis Asylum: Players must venture in an overrun Asylum to stop some dangerous prisoners.
2. Geonosis Arena: The Geonosians would be a great ally to both factions, In order to win their support, they must compete in an arena.
3. Yavin Temple: There is another ancient weapon that might turn the tide of the war, it is hidden in a temple. The temple is guarded by Massassi and other creatures. There is also some traps to look out for.
4. Corellia Tram: Terrorists have invaded a rocket tram and have planted a bomb inside it, they plan to destroy the government district. Players must stop them before it is too late. This will be similar to the one level in Jedi Academy.
5. Balmorra Uprising: Some radical resistance members plan to take an extremely dangerous superweapon for themselves, the players must stop them. This will take place in the Balmorran Arms Factory.

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10.05.2017 , 06:44 PM | #2
Here are a few more ideas.
1. Infiltration on Mustafar: You have an anonymus lead on the enemy on the planet Mustafar, the flashpoint will take place in the facility and will even have a boss fight taking place on a moving platform.
2. Onderon Invasion: Mandalorians from Dxun are tasked with executing the queen. Players must battle their way through the enemy to protect the queen.
"Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things, Revanů and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone."

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10.06.2017 , 03:33 AM | #3

Odessen & Nathema: Dealing with remnant elements of the Eternal Empire.


Odessen: Maybe someone is ticked of with the choice we made on Iokath? and has decided to go rogue and has reprogrammed thedroids to help him/her. (Mini boss C2N2 fight? )

Voss: Maybe a group of Voss and Gormak team up because of the whole invasion of their world, and for whatever reason they blame the Alliance.

Iokath: Maybe the Imps/Pubs or both have realised they've been lured to Iokath too and make an attempt to seize the 'superweapon.'

Zakuul: Rebelious Knights etc?