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Which crew skill has the most personal use?

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Which crew skill has the most personal use?

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10.04.2017 , 03:03 AM | #11
My answer depends on your choice of class of your toon.

Bioanalysis is good for all classes, you can brew drugs to push yourself and can build 2 slots items (implants).

Cybertech is also quite well for all classes, you can build earpieces and later mods+enhancements for you orange gear. In fact, learning this is very, very expensive on buying all schematics at the training vendor.

Synthweaving and Armormech are quite similar. In older days, Synthweaving crafted gear for force-users, Armormech crafted gear for muggles. Since the Mastery attribute superseded the old class specific attributes, force-users can now wear armor and non-force-users can wear easy wading fabrics without any restriction. It's just a matter of fashion. There's only a difference in 2 types of armor: Aegis is for tanks, Attack is for DPS/Heal.

Now for the class choice: it's only a matter of force-users or not. If your toon is a Jedi or Sith, he needs a lightsword. Artifice is very useful. So for the gunners (smuggler, agent, bounty hunter, trooper), armstech should be the better choice, but wait! Armstech can only build ranged weapons and barrels for the orange ones. Artifice can build lightswords and hilts but also color crystals (very important!) and relics! Since every weapon and off-hand item of every quality can hold a color crystal, Artifice is also very useful for non-force-users.

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10.04.2017 , 08:55 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by BenduKundalini View Post
Really ???
Yes, really. It's called "Advanced Polybiotic Medpac MK-2".
Stupidly I spent a lot of credits to make 15 of them until I noticed they require Biochem 600 to use. (I was simply wanting to make some high-end medpacs) I only have 2 characters with Biochem and only one, my main, has Biochem 600.

But maybe I can sell some of them on the GTN.

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10.05.2017 , 12:27 PM | #13
I picked biochem for what was my main. Took it up because that's what was mostly recommended by others from what I've read and watched via youtube. But the game is so easy now, I didn't have a need for it at all. I parked her and plan to reroll and just use her for crafting if and when I need it for endgame stuff. My new main I decided to just have slicing, a gathering skill and mission skilI. U really don't need anything if u are mostly focusing on story stuff. Pvp? Biochem I think u can use during matches. Cybertech might be good. But to be honest, this game seems to be made for alts. I have every crew skill spread out between many characters. It's fun and due to legacy bank, don't have a hard time crafting and getting the supplies needed (i make stuff then sell it on gtn, rarely use the stuff I make for my characters lol). Time consuming and cost a lot of credits, but you can make the money back via gtn. Slicing is good to just make credits and it gives out missions for other crew skills, and tech parts used in armstech.

If you plan on doing operations, biochem is helpful I hear. I haven't done any. I do the occasional story mode/solo flashpoint and do fine without it.