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Grantek F-11D Assault Cannon, but shorter

JattaGin's Avatar

10.05.2017 , 07:47 AM | #1
I collect assault cannons with my main, a commando medic. Most of the cannons are way too big and clumsy and she looks ridiculous with them. There are a couple of neat looking ones, slim, even elegant.

My favourite AC is the Grantek F-11D (

It suits my medic very well. My only complaint: It is very, very long. Every time she enters a door, she has to duck, otherwise the AC hits the wall above the door.

In the last pack was another not too bad looking AC, the Beyrar MK-3 ( This one has the perfect length.

My suggestion: Please make an AC with the looks of the F-11D and the length of the MK-3. It would be the perfect AC for me.

Thank you.
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