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Anyone still playing?

ReconButty's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 07:16 AM | #1
Hey all!
I started playing pretty casually very recently. I'm at the point where I would like to join a casual guild for a little more social interaction. /wave at the one person who seems to be on whichever server I am currently using is getting dull as they always seem to be AFK, and probably a bot or something.

I'm not very high level, and I haven't set on a class (been playing imperial operative FYI), so on the plus side I'm completely willing to start again on a new server if there is anyone out there reading this who wants to recruit someone. Not overly bothered about whether it's Jedi or Imperial side as there are no options for stormtroopers :P Probably gonna go duel wield sabers class on which ever side I pick. Eventually I'd like to do as many of the story classes as possible on both sides so really not bothered where I start.

Basically I'm looking for any size guild, English speaking, (from the UK myself if it makes any difference), adult, casual friendly atmosphere,, with people who can help guide me beyond the starter locations. Due to my rotating shift pattern I may sometimes be on all night, all afternoon, or a few hours in the morning.

It's a shame I'm so late to the game but I'm hoping there is still a good, fairly active community out there to kill stuff with!

orangenee's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 07:48 AM | #2
If you picked any server but Progenitor or TRE you'll likely be hard pressed to find people.

Also a lot are solo only players who care not for the social aspects of the game. I'm in a guild where nearly every recent recruit but me is keyboard mute. No idea why they bother joining a guild if they have no desire to interact with anybody else.

So yeah, there are people playing but some are a little less than sociable. Some however may not be English speakers, with the dwindling population the playerbase on some servers is becoming more cosmopolitan.

Word to the wise though, if somebody comes up to you and utters the words "are you a subscriber?" or similar whack 'em on ignore as they're more than likely referral scalpers.
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ReconButty's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 08:07 AM | #3
Ah so it may be worth joining one of those 2 servers then?
Sucks when people don't wanna chat in a guild. Like you say, it's kinda missing the point!
And thanks for the advice

orangenee's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 12:31 PM | #4
Nevermind them BW chaps are merging the servers in a couple of months.
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Greennightlight's Avatar

10.03.2017 , 11:51 AM | #5
Check out this guild on Jedi Covenant
We run both sides and welcome alts once you have your main (which you can re direct as needed) for continuity and acknowledgement among the guild and guild leaders. Both sides have a guild ship which is super mac daddy in opinion. They do a lot of end game but plenty of us have alts that we play and will team with you for story mode, flash points, data cron hunting, command xp, dailies, or just goofing (we have a good time).

check the site for yourself and let em know that Chosen recommended you.
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