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Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder

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Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder

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06.14.2017 , 11:26 AM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by JLazarillo View Post
Shout out to a guy who tanked DF in a random group I got from the Group Finder today. I was really worried at first, he came in as a "tank" wearing DPS gear, charged forward without regard to anyone or anything at the beginning...when the other tank got flattened by Nefla, I could feel a headache coming on...but it turned out that despite the immediately dubious look of his gear choices, our crazy tank was also a crazy good tank, and as he steamrolled his way through the Fortress without stopping to wait (no, actually, he did stop to state "Gotta go fast" in the Ops chat and do a Ready Check, once, right before Corruptor Zero, since half the team was still looting Grob'thok), and we steamrolled right behind him.

Now, maybe DF has just been really nerfed (I don't think I've run it since 4.0, to be honest), but my memories are all of that Operation being a real bear, and I'm still kind of in awe of this guy.
Actually tank wearing dps mods and enhancements is the only way to go. Defensive mods are utter garbage in this game. I get worried even more when I see a tank in Def mods.... much rather have a tank that can chip in with dps then sitting around hitting like a wet noodle. What you probably witnessed was him having a shield off hand equipped to help trigger shield chance and he used his DCDs properly, that all is that is needed in any SM or FP's to tank efficiently. Unless your absolutely new to tanking, I wouldn't recommend tanks mods since the dps hit is pretty significant, more raid dps is actually what contributes to smoother runs (and know mechanics, of course). (hard mode is different, tank enhancements are more desired, but even then running DPS mods with high endurance is still better then defense mods)
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06.18.2017 , 07:41 AM | #82
Met a nice team in Korriban Incursion today - level 18 dps guardian, level 50 dps vanguard, level 38 tank guardian (and me on my max level sentinel).

Very polite, patient, and a joy to smite with. I think the level 18 was new to the flashpoint, though we got a little confused on that so the guardian and I were trying to explain things.
Even when we wiped against Renning there were no recriminations, just advice. Destroyed him on the second attempt. Tore through the droid boss without any deaths (which is rare in my experience - someone nearly always karks it in that fight). Made it to Soverous without any issues and smote him first time

So, yeah, very nice group. Not the smoothest run ever, but still good fun

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07.08.2017 , 02:46 PM | #83
My first ever Hard Mode Blood Hunt today, on Commando Healer.
The others were Juggernaut tank, Gunslinger, and DPS Commando.
I had to turn my graphics even lower than I thought to counter the ridiculous lag, but the team were patient with me
They were nice guys. No recriminations even though we wiped a few times against the wampa. Then the Gunslinger switched to their Sentinel, I found my sweet spot and we did a lot better.
We beat Jos & Valk on the first attempt, which astonished me. Guess that lends weight to the "I'm usually ok as long as I can see what I'm doing" theory, but like I said. They were a good team.
We wiped a couple of times against Torch before the Gunslinger/Sentinel player was called away. The Juggernaut then called up a friend (Scoundrel healer) to replace him. Two more goes against Torch and then we won.

So, yeah. Not exactly a textbook run by any means, but a nice patient team and an eventual victory

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09.06.2017 , 05:40 PM | #84
Not many great and awesome people in groupfinder lately then?

Queued for HFPs with a guildmate tonight (me on my Commando healer, her on her dps Guardian. We got Kaon. We were terrified, and to make matters scarier, the other two (a dps Shadow and a tank Guardian who were in another guild) had never done any HFPs before.

They were nice guys, and seemed to really know their classes. Kept leaving me behind, but never so far behind that they got killed before I could catch up and heal
One particularly unlucky wipe in the room of death though - they got tossed into a second group and we got swamped... but that's Kaon for you

Killed the bonus boss on the 3rd attempt (though it was hard going). Final boss was pretty easy even if I had forgotten the waves of adds in Hard Mode

Not a textbook run by any means, but a good group, communicated well, worked out where we were lacking against the bonus boss and managed to fix it. So, yeah, I'm counting it

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10.03.2017 , 08:07 AM | #85
To revive this thread I'll tell about the DF I did last night.

Basically it took a while to find a group (weird since this was prime time on harby, is not doing ops an imp thing?). I was on my operative healer, and finally when someone else started looking for a group in fleet chat I asked if he wanted to look together and we grouped up. Found everything but tanks (of course, when I want to heal we get a healer, when I want to tank we get a tank). Eventually our PT says he has tank gear and can swap for the last boss and we get an actual tank so we pull in a 5th dps and go.

After Nefra 2 people dc. Keep in mind it took us longer to form this group than kill Nefra lol. I'm like great, this isn't happening. But the 6 of us left were patient and when they didn't return in 5 minutes or so we requeued and got replacements. Finished the op with no problems, PT fake tank didn't even have to swap to tank. So shout out to imp side harby for being patient last night! And to whoever the PT dps was, you were quite an adaptable team player.

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10.28.2017 , 01:27 AM | #86
GF, DoM (Depths of Manaan) Master Mode:
248 Assassin Tank ( knew her sh.. and I'll use the gender of the toon)
248 Sor Cor (me )
230-ish maybe DPS
.... and same (maybe Merc)

FIrst Boss took FOREVER!!!!!! But doable. Cleared the rest of the trash w/ minor issue. Stealthed the terminals.... blah blah.

1st attempt: Explained fight, and jumped in. So far so good. Adds, stun, kill, FLOW... run... DPS got stuck.... dead /CR/ group wipe.....

2nd attempt: Attack Puddles and group wipe....

3rd attempt: Attack... flow... run... heal.... attack... adds... stun one.... Puddles boss.... FLOW... run.. heals....
4 hours, 18 minutes, and 23 seconds later....
SUCCESS! ! ! ! ! ! We DID IT!

Group was nice and everybody helped. Everybody was cordial. Fun group! No nasties. No put downs. We worked together!
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11.03.2017 , 01:37 AM | #87
In queue for Vet FP I get a pop on my rating 236 Merc DPS. Another 70 Merc, a lvl 15 Sniper and a lvl 23 Op Heal. Manaan pops and after zoning in the other lvl 70 is gone.

I pull out my rank 23 pet thinking we will never beat Stivastin and we start. What can I say? We one shot everything! Ok, first boss was taking forever, at Ortuno my pet required a revive (poor flood micromanaging) and Stivastin fell with like 9 adds still up (and we wiped), but I would never have thought that possible.

So: Kudos to the lowbies, it was really a nice experience.

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11.03.2017 , 08:50 AM | #88
Got one.

Brought my super lowbie new sent on the fleet. Got a pop for Taral V. I'm only 15 or so still in my greens/blues from Tython. Zone in, the FP is done cept for the last boss. We down him in one hit, and collect the rewards, and part ways happy.

Best FP run. I'm super low lv, Taral is long as hell. Quick get in and out so I can focus on pvp ranking.

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11.07.2017 , 09:56 AM | #89
Shout out to the PUG on the Harbinger who helped me with VOTMG. It was my first time doing the op in any role(I healed). Tyth was a cakewalk, but Aivela and Esne took five attempts. But you guys didn't lose your crap. You were patient with me. We only had two derpy DPS who got the boot on the third attempt. We killed the twins with half of us--including myself and the leader, the smart tank--dead, and I got one of the droids as a deco to boot! Thank you so much for your time!
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11.09.2017 , 05:32 PM | #90
So here I am, doing GF runs for Darth Hexid. First FP - Core Meltdown Tactical. Players - me (248 geared Mara), 70 level jugg (108k hp), Sorc level 24, and a healer level 70.

I teleport inside, and notice healer has bailed. Dont think he even bothered to get inside the instance. So we are 3 now, I am leader. I pull my 42 influence Pierce and decide to give it a try, because why not? I ask if the others know the fight. Jugg admits he hasnt played a long time so he doesn't remember. I notice both he and Sorc are legendary players, that gives me hope they have at least some clue what they are doing. Just in case, I explain each fight before we pull.

The FP goes perfectly, No wipes. no deaths, nothing. The tactics is being followed. (Which is not suprising cause most of the time bosses attack me and I know what to do) Don't know how much of it due to me being well-geared with hign-ranking companion, and how much is to the skill of the team members, but the fact is a fact. All went well.

I want to thank that jugg and sorc for not leaving when that healer did. Good to know there are still people in game who are not afraid of trying even when situation lookes grim.
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