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Could Arcan have won?

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09.24.2017 , 07:22 AM | #31
You know I remember in the chapter where Satele praised the knights saying that their use of both light and dark makes them superior and we said we killed dozens of them. The she said yes but the children of Valkorian are special.
That was stupid of her we proved to her that the knights are not superior by telling her we killed dozens of them something we never did to the jedi or sith then she changed the subject so she does not lose the argument.
The thing the knight of zaakul are not well trained force users they are force users with minimal training compared to sith or jedi. Its an profession you as an adult if you are an force user can join the knights and get trained like we can join the army but its does make you as strong as an jedi or sith their training is far longer and all their life since they can walk for most at least.
One of the knights was married and another just joined and his mother told him do not join.
Arcann and Vaylin on the other hand where trained since children like jedi or some sith add that to their force potential and you get strong the problem they had is lack of experience as the kinghts are terrible fighters if you do not have someone on your level to train you will not advance very far.

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09.24.2017 , 08:26 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Shayddow View Post
It seems as though the force using class of Zakuul - the knights - are weak against blaster fire.
Evident in the scene where Scorpio makes the skytroopers turn on the knights in the throne-room, and none of the knights are able to deflect the fire.
(And, although they are not as skilled in the force as Senya, they still are basically a force-using class based on the lore)
In their defence, I don't think the Pike's are good for deflecting blaster bolts, they're more for melee combat. That one knight did hold of some fire with his shield before being rocketed in the face.

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09.24.2017 , 09:19 AM | #33
Its like jedi can stop rockets with an lightsaber. They do it with the force.

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09.24.2017 , 10:34 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by Eshvara View Post
Will they really though? If we make everyone force users, the one size fits all would work much better!
I actually think you're right, the story works so much better for Force users. If they ever do get back to separate stories at least on some level IMHO the suggestion about having one for the Force-sensitive classes and another for the non-Force users has merit.

Quote: Originally Posted by thebumpkin View Post
Arcann may have had an edge in KOTFE right on up to Chapter 16, I believe the biggest issue the PC had was confidence s/he was not confident that they could in fact defeat Arcann, it was only at the moment when the Shield appears that finally the PC says, yeah, I got this. But that was the only "help" you really get from Valkorion against Arcann. Valk claims he saves you in chapter 8 but.... yeah... Valkorion is an Olympic gold medallist class liar. So not really believing that.

Truth is, in KOTET if you choose to kill Senya you face Arcann at Vaylin's party and then you defeat and kill him there without any plot device help.

Also the most simple answer of all is Valkorion himself. He chose the PC for a reason, if there was somebody better or more skilled, Valk would be in them. Simple as that.
This. Valkorion says in that Dromund Kaas chapter that the last person he "hollowed out" was another top warrior, so he's looking for quality. Not just a random person to take over.

And I totally agree that the difference between the Commander in KOTFE vs, KOTET is confidence. There's that line in the Chapter 12 wilderness where the Commander can say something like, "you don't know what I am capable of," and Valkorion's answer is "neither do you. That's the problem." There's no real evidence that Valkorion saves the Commander from the lightsaber stab in Chapter 8, it's just his word, and he could easily lie about it.

In KOTET if you make that decision, the Commander takes down Senya, Arcann and a full-power Vaylin without any help from Valkorion or Wonder Woman shields, and has absolutely no issues with those battles. By that time, though, they have full confidence in what they can do.

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09.24.2017 , 03:03 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by MayhemofChaonus View Post
That's actually not how Force potency works. Apparently inheriting the Force is not a guarantee
It never is but they can continue having kids until they hit the jackpot. LOL
I was thinking of this Jaesa - SW conversation about kids:

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09.26.2017 , 02:31 PM | #36
Even with all of Arcann's bravado, he's still very much afraid of Valkorion throughout the chapters. Hesitation during a very intense battle can create an opening that can be easily exploited to turn the battle into a victory. The fact Valkorion helps the Outlander out gives them a significant advantage over Arcann. It's not just fear of Valkorion that Arcann has to face. He also has to face other emotions and painful memories Valkorion can too easily bring it out of him, which would create a lot of distractions in midst of battle. Without Valkorion, the Outlander would've had a small chance in winning, imo. But leading the Alliance, that's very much on the Outlander, not Valkorion.

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10.03.2017 , 05:10 AM | #37
He did win a the fight on Asylum, when he impaled the outlander onto his lightsaber. Regardless of the outside influence during the final fight, if Arcann had won, I think Valkorian would have found a way to keep the Outlander alive.
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