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Irtsiam's Avatar

08.17.2017 , 10:14 PM | #1
Hey guys, Im having a bad luck searching for a active guild, most guilds i join have like 3/5 people online and they not even talk or make any kind of game content toghter. So i'm looking for a active guild on IMP side.

pyro_princess's Avatar

08.18.2017 , 08:52 AM | #2
You sort of have to live with that fact, as there's probably only one guild that has over 10 people on at any given time, which is the Jed'aii Order and their Sith-side counterparts. They usually have about 25-30 people online.

ipikki_oukami's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 11:59 PM | #3
That is not the only guild but it is one of them. Defenders of the Southern Cross(rep), Blitzkreig(imp), Renegades of Joker Squad(rep), The Eternal Order(rep and imp), The Great Jedaii Order( imp and rep ), Skittle Team Six(rep) and a few others
"Fear is the mind killer"

jqualey's Avatar

10.26.2017 , 05:31 PM | #4
I just started a guild yesterday and we would welcome you. Granted we are new and with that comes low numbers but so far we have some fun members.

Role Playing

Etc etc.
I actually enjoy being active however I can be.

I owned 2 guilds years ago and I lost internet when I moved so I am hopefully getting back into the swing of things.
We always need good leaders for their respective interests and I choose to reward those whom give effort.

Love buying cartel packs and providing for my guild(s).
I dont mind shelling out the funds to backup my guild mates so feel
free to find us.

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